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Truly Aligned With Purpose To Reach High.

When you are truly aligned with what your purpose is you feel the need to reach high. Why is this? Because your purpose is bigger than what you are.

Your purpose in life is not the same thing as what you were taught in school, or were logically trained to be the safe thing to do in life. Reaching high and living your purpose is more of a move that comes from your spirit knowing.

The moment one begins to live from a space of “knowing” they begin glowing. This is what the ancient masters and teachers have always taught. Live from that inner purpose that drives you to reach high in life. Stop and think and imagine yourself as already having the experience that you wish to create in your life.Don’t worry about how it will happen, just allow your good it would feel to be living your life’s purpose now. How would it look, sound, feel, taste?

Imagine that space clearly as a picture in your minds eye from your head area, and then move that image down to your hears if it were already happening. I continue to lead a very amazing, rich, and happy life because I practice what I share with you on this blog post here with you now, and by reaching high.

Reaching high in life, begins very simply by taking the small inspired action steps daily that lead you to your purpose. It begins with simplicity. I encourage you to let go of the fear of being judged. Be your authentic self, and allow yourself to awaken the greatness within you.

Live In The Now To Reach High

I have observed  that what stops and blocks most people from reaching high in life is their inability to let go of the past. They hold on to things that no longer serve their best and highest good. They hold on because the fear of not knowing what is next holds them back. I love this quotes by Dr. Martin Luther King:

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Let’s say you had a really wonderful past, but around this present time around you know that your past doesn’t line up with your true purpose now. You had some good times,  but did you know that the times ahead are even better? I promised myself that when I started to become a success, that I wouldn’t be one of those guys that stayed too long in conversation about the “good old days.” The good old days, are right now.  Do you go back to the past, or do you continue to teach, guide, and become the leader  and inspire others to a brighter future?

Allow yourself to have a positive and clear vision for your life. Dream again the big dream. Be a leader in your social groups  not a follower. Don’t settle for something just because you think that is what everyone wants from you, or what you think is something what everyone else is doing. Be unique. Allow that inner  space to grow in your own uniqueness.  Stay honest with who you are and what you are becoming as a result of aligning with your purpose in life.

In order to reach high in life, you must take responsibility of your purpose. Take responsibility of what you are creating in your life.

Honor your purpose. You must nourish it feed it, and let it grow. This is what it means to live an inspired life. Your purpose in some form will include being of service to people. Just keep that GOLDEN NUGGET in mind. When we are coming from a place of service and giving we are truly living.

Be the person with clear positive vision, that can see beyond the horizon. Don’t look back, you aren’t going that way. Continue to reach high and feel the good that you already have within you and take the steps that lead you to your life’s purpose. There is where you will find inner peace. There is where the beauty of life unfold.


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The Reason Why My Blog is A Success : 6 Blogging Lessons I Learned



 “Success is found in the journey,  not the destination.”

Everyone regardless of what stage they are in their blog, want to know the secrets of what makes a blog successful.  Although there are challenges to building a successful blog, I want to share with you the 6 lessons I learned on how to build a successful blog from scratch and how fun it actually really is to have and maintain blog.

But before that let’s go back a little bit. I’ve made a few mistakes early on but I’ve gotten my voice down to where I don’t feel like a weirdo talking about stuff like spirituality that is my passion, and throwing in some how to make money online tips that I’ve personally used that work. I tried a lot of different things to this blog, some major some minor changes.


But, the real challenge was how do I get my own voice to reach more and more people without feeling like I’m alienating a certain group? I finally found the answer to that. The answer was. “You can’t make everyone happy.”


So once I figured that out, I continually began to push on topics that really mattered most to me, and then I started to take off from that space. It was always about going back to my authentic self that worked so well. At the end of the day it’s your blog. You write about what matters to you at the core, what you think people should be interested in and what you believe can help them get to the next level.  That  understanding and application of that simple knowing is what will bring your blog success.

 The Truth About Blogging

Truth is some people stop blogging because they think about all the things that could go wrong the moment they start to write their truth for everyone to read. I always tell people this story,  the first 6 months of my blog I had 1 visitor average everyday. Now, that is pretty bad. You can get both your mom and dad to read your blog daily, and you would had more pageviews to your site then I did back then. =)

But that’s just it. I kept blogging because I enjoyed it and I felt if I shared the personal growth journey that I was moving forward in this blogging space, then whatever else came from that journey would e an extra nus. So when I got my first email from adbeans, to sponsor my blog and pay me to blog on stuff I really love and was passionate about sharing I was excited.

It just continued from there to self publishing 4 ebooks now, and just enjoying my time. I still have articles I’ve written 1 year ago that get 100 pageviews a day form this domain. The key lessons I will share with you are the 5 blogging lessons I learned, and hopefully will inspire you to start a blog, or if you are blogging to continue to write about your passion. Share with us stuff you already know and care about and I promise you everything else will fall into place. You just have to trust this process.

So here we go 6 Blogging Lessons I learned.

1. Don’t compare yourself.


This is the biggest one I had to learn, because I too love reading other blogs. The trick is to find qualities you admire in the other blogs your read, but always go back to your unique perceptive and tone. You see, I am generally a positive person. I don’t really talk about negative things  to dominate people by making fun of them. Except when I’m getting into character acting mode and start  making funny videos like Sir Baker. But, when I write this post I’m being the authentic me that I know. Continue to write more about your passion and when you do, you will see that your natural tone comes out. But, when you start comparing yourself to others, that’s where you go away from your unique authentic self. Be true to you, you’ll be glad you did.

2.  Give Us A Case Study:


One of the great ways to get your blog rolling and into some good momentum being a case study, or lifestyle experiment. Allow  me to give you a quick example, say in a blog post for the next 30 days or so I will try to Jog every other day for the 30 days. Then in the post tell us what you weight is and how your  body feels prior to the experiment and then as you move along document that experiment with the readers. Take us on the journey as it is happening. That way you are held accountable for completing your 30 day run, and you also build a following, because believe it or not, I can tell you honestly  people will check back into to see your progress. It’s human nature to be curious. I remember when I did a case study lifestyle  experiment  where I blogged about exactly what came to m head for 30 days straight. It felt great, and got people to notice my blog.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Recommend stuff.


If you saw a great movie and you go out of the movie theater feeling like amazed t the movie and a friend calls you up right after the movie, and asks you “hey what are are you  up to?” Your first reaction is to tell your friend about how exciting the movie you just watched was right? So that’s the same way with blogging. Sharing is caring. If you find something that is helpful for you make sure to recommended to your readers. This goes into affiliate marketing 101. But, really its just recommend products you actually found helpful or useful to you and sharing it with the readers. The more quality stuff you recommend to others on your blog, the more you help others, and make more money in the process. I recently recommended SEO Pressor, because it is a product I purchased and has given me quality traffic after I purchased it, and started implementing it. That’s how it works, recommend things that work for you, so you can help others out as well.

4. Create A Personal Brand:

The reason I call myself Baker is because I make a lot of dough. But I recently changed the subtitle to “Serving Up the Freshest Inspiration Online.” Although I do make dough (money ) online , the idea of serving up inspiration ties in more closely with my intention as a brand to inspire and empower the lives of countless individuals to living their dreams from the inside-out. When starting a blog keep your brand and your message to the world firmly in place. You can always build around your brand and what you are truly passionate about as you continually build it. IF you are interested in learning more about personal branding online, I previously wrote an article on 5 Tips on  building  a Successful Personal Brand that you can check out.

5. Consistency.


One of the biggest downfalls that any blogger will tell you is that they run out of content to write. I can honestly say that I never run out of content. I either think it up myself, or people pay me to write guest posts on my blog. I live much inside my own head, so maybe that’s a unfair advantage. But I truly believe if you really were passionate about the topic you would continue to find creative ways to say the same thing but in different ways. That is what allows you to be consistent with your passion. Be true to your passion and continue to pump out quality content, and you will see yourself as a success in the blogging world. As far as the voice of your blog, the key to writing an epic blog post is to make it seem like you are talking to one single person, but your really talking to the world.


6. Have Fun.

The great thing about blogging is that it is a lot of fun. I have a lot of fun blogging. If you can integrate in creative ways on how to make blogging  more fun for you, you actually stand a  much better chance at successful blogging. If you are already blogging about the things you know about and are passionate about, the fun part comes out naturally. Take some risks but always go back to what your core message is all about, and you will be off and running on a great foundation. Blend  in different things you enjoy doing not only through content, but also video and pictures to give your audience a wide range of places they can feel connected to you a  person. The blogging world and success in blogging is about having fun, and being transparent to your audience. We want someone real that we can relate to. Have fun with the process. =)


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The Great Thing About Life, Growth, and Being The Light

“Make it thy business to know thyself, which is the most difficult lesson in the world.”
-Miguel de Cervantes

The Great Thing About Life

One of the greatest things about life is that everyday you have a choice to follow your hearts desire or to not. When one begins to awaken to the idea that we are here on this planet to grow, expand, and be the light for others there is a sense of resonance deep within the soul of the individual to move towards change.

This growth, expansion, and being the light that you are awakening to means that you are understanding the shifts that is happening on this planet.

What I am starting to truly grow into that I am very proud of for myself is this ability to be an example of this same growth, expansion, and light that I write about here. This means that coming from a space that is authentic and true for me uplifts people. I am very grateful for this blog space, and my unique talent.
This is a gift I’ve always had, and always wanted to share and I am so grateful for this space to finally realize this dream. The great thing about life is that there is always room for growth.


Growth begins when we clear out the clutter that society and the demands of other want from us, but aren’t true to our core. You begin to realize that your core knows all the answers. You know that at this very moment that you have all the answers within you to start to grow spiritually and in harmony with your true self.

Growth comes from life experience. Pretty soon you get to a point in life where you truly see how magnificent you are at your core, and the magnificent people around you, that you feel the urge to share this wisdom with the greater whole. The key here is that experience can only really come from the person observing life from themselves. I sense that there is much growth happening on this planet. We are learning how to communicate to one another that is helpful and brings people up.

The Light

From a place of light we can now operate from a place of good. Without this light one becomes stressed, worried, and fearful of the future. From a place of inner knowing, we then operate from a space of relaxation, hope, and courage. This is the ideal space to enter. The truth is there really is nothing to fear once you understand how this light within yourself operates.

This light within you has always been there and continues to be there, it is just a matter of really tuning into that space for yourself. One way to tune into that space is via meditation. From a clear space you can now operate from a sense of fearlessness and power that is true to you. It really does become working towards your own light and showing others the path as well. This light resides within you and become awake to this light allows you to grow, and expand in the direction of your soul.
What are some areas in your life that you need to grow in? Do you See how embracing your own light allows you to rapidly grow?

Discover how the #1 secret to manifest your dream life by watching the video below.

Screen Shot 2015 11 13 at 11.40.00 AM e1447443858385 The Great Thing About Life, Growth,  and Being The Light

Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM The Great Thing About Life, Growth,  and Being The Light

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7 Golden Reasons Why I have the Best Life Ever. Period.

indigo child book bestseller2 224x300 7 Golden Reasons Why I have the Best Life Ever. Period.



1.  I don’t take things personally. The only time I’ve ever been personally offended was when I was cut from my 5th grade basketball team. I  found out the news and I cried my way all the way home. It was the saddest day ever, because I was so much looking forward to playing on the team, beacuase I loved the sport so much and have been practicing so long.  It takes a lot for people to offend me these days. Thankfully my mom talked the coach into letting me play.The irony , I wone”coaches award torphy that same year. I later began winning awards continually… non-stop after that in that particular sport well into my high school years. After that experienced I just kept dominating, in my sometimes  own quiet kind of way.

2. My Unique creativity is unmatched. Sometimes I wonder why I’m so creative. How God Fit in all that creativity into wone brain . But, then I realized that everyone is uniquely creativity but fear stops them from expressing it 100%. Fear is such a dangerous thing, because you either let it control you or you control it. There’s no halfway with fear and courage. People for decades have tried to emulate my writing style. Truth is I just read a lot of other people’s style, and snatch into this giant schmorgizborg of 100% Baker Awesomeness.

3. I keep it simple. So many people in the pursuit of being awesome and having the best life ever, overly compicate it. I guess I was lucky. growing up I was always C student. Struggled much in school particularly in math. Safe to say I’m a lot richer then my math teacher today. Sometimes the only really math you need in life  is the money you make.  I don’t have the right answers all the time, but I still shine. Its very simple. I don’t like to think too hard and make things overly complex. I’m going to respresnt me to the fullest. and I’m going to be number 1 in thew orld at being me. This works all the time. It’s so simple. I don’t really try to hard to be honest with you.

4. I serve more people. This blog and the beauty of blogging allows me to serve and empower more people with each post that gets sent out to 1,000s of people across the world. That is why I continue to live a rich, and successful life. I serve more people and I leverage my efforts. That is the secret to my continued awesomenss. When I write a book. I write that book one time, and the royalties come in month after month for a published piece of work that is getting read all over the world. That’s why when people say they need money. I just say “serve people.” if you want more money “serve more people.”

5. I’m always  the best ever # 1. I’m always number 1 in anything because I already have the mental capability and fortitude, courage  and determination to win at will if I wanted to. Sometimes I don’t even have to “will” it  from the overlapping  good work I’ve already put in that it overlaps any of the actions I take, and I just win and being #1 by default universal  choice. The point here is that if you don’t think your number 1, how will you become it?

6. I don’t compare myself to others. When I say I’m the best ever in life, I don’t mean that in an arrogant way. It’s not like I’m the best over people or something Like that I’m just the best ever in who I am. Look, I don’t have a sad soppy story about coming from rags to riches story. We just always had money, and just got richer and richer. Even if I lied to you about me struggling you wouldn’t believe me, I came out of my mom’s womb 100% awesome.  I’m just me naturally abundance, fun,a nd always excitingly entertaining. I don’t compare my story with others. I leave that up to people that want to do that stuff for me. I live the best life ever, because I speak it into existence. And so it its.

7. Optimistic attitude.

I just have a good time with life. I know there are probably some hard core stuff happening in the world. But, the truth is that you have to be willing to roll with the punches. You just have to see that deep within you is something remarkable. I know that for me that remarkable thing goes back to my mission to: Inspire  and empower countless individual  to living  the life of their dreams from he inside-out.


I never earned anything. I just spoke it to existence.

Pay close attention to the guy who continues to day he earned his way to the top. That guy sounds pretty boring right? Well, I do the opposite, yes I’m fearless, and love a good challenge, but I never claim to have “earned” anything. I don’t feel like you have to earn things, you just have to be a vibration or energy match to what you are seeking.

Want to learn more how to manifest what you like using the law of attraction?

Check out my friend’s Heather’s mind blowing shocking video below.

Screen Shot 2015 12 10 at 8.37.36 AM 7 Golden Reasons Why I have the Best Life Ever. Period.


Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM5 7 Golden Reasons Why I have the Best Life Ever. Period.

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2 Tips To Meaningful Living

There is a meaningful  life that you can start living now. The key is to know first of all why a joyful life is very important. If you know one thing about a meaningful  life is that you will always be living in accordance with your highest and best good.

A meaningful life feels a lot better than not living a meaningful life. A meaningful life simply means you are living with a deeper purpose.

Living In Accordance With Your Highest and Best Good.

This means that you are truly staying in your authentic power. This authentic power is simply you owning up to the joy and peace in your life in a way that truly makes a difference in your world.

These are the 2 tips to meaningful living.

1. Seek ways that you can make a difference.

This can be something small that you do on a regular basis, that you probably haven’t really delved too deeply into the magnificence of what you do, start to appreciate the meaningful life you are living with small deeds that make a difference.

2.  Follow Your Passion.

When you mix in making a difference for others with your ultimate passion in life, you start to see that truly things begin to change for you in a very meaningful way. People want to get juiced, excited about their life. This comes from doing something that is meaningful for you and this aligned with your passion. This is how you truly start to live a meaningful way of life.



Interested in following that passion of yours and sharing your story with the world by publishing your own book? Fill out this application to see if you qualify. 

Screen Shot 2015 07 12 at 1.31.38 PM 2 Tips To Meaningful Living

Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM 2 Tips To Meaningful Living

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How Learning New Skills will Help you Discover your Passion

passion1 How Learning New Skills will Help you Discover your Passion


Editors Note : Today’s Guest Post is by Jillian Terry .

How Learning New Skills will Help you Discover your Passion

People often talk about their passion as though it was something they were born with. The little secret about “passion,” however, is that it’s really acquired over time. Of course, maybe you developed a passion for playing an instrument when you were very young. Still, you had to learn the basics of playing first before you were passionate, right? If you feel as though you don’t yet know what you’re passionate about professionally, don’t worry! Passion comes from learning. Here’s how:

1.      Expose yourself to skills and hobbies you’d never before considered.

It may seem as though you’re lacking passion in your life, but the reality is that you simply haven’t put yourself out there to try new things. Start considering skills and hobbies that you think you wouldn’t be any good at, since the threat of failure is one of the biggest personal roadblocks that keeps us from discovering our passions. For example, I’d always considered myself a terrible cook. The truth of the matter is that I never really tried to cook. Make a list of three hobbies and/or skills that you’d like to learn. Then start learning

2.      Start with self-directed learning.

At this point, you’re only dipping your feet in the water, so to speak, to see what hobbies and skills may hold your interest. For example, when I committed myself to learning how to cook, I started by purchasing a few simple recipe books to get me started. After I learned that, with a little practice and some instruction, I actually could cook and I enjoyed it!

3.  Once you develop an interest, find someone to teach you more advanced skills.

Not every skill or hobby you pick will hold your interest for long. That’s okay. Think of this whole process as one of discovery. Once you hone in on one or two activities that you’ve continued to teach yourself, consider getting professional instruction or joining an organization that can help you advance your skills. For example, I started playing tennis a few years ago by getting my own racket and playing casually with friends. I had so much fun doing it, that I realized I needed professional help from a trained instructor in order to push my skills to the next step so I could become really and truly passionate about tennis. Whatever your skill or hobby is, take it to the next step

4.    Go out there and teach and interact with others!

Passion is, at the end of the day, that feeling of well-being you get from being completely and totally immersed in one task or another. Once you’ve developed advanced skills in whatever area, spread the love and share with others! Teaching someone else a skill is a great way to reinforce your own skills. What’s more, the power of passion is compounded when it becomes a social thing as well.

The only way we can discover our passions is by constantly exposing ourselves to new things . Open yourself up to the wonderful world of learning, and see how your life will change! Good luck!

Guest Author Bio: L Jillian Terry is a former educator and freelance writer. She enjoys writing about teaching, learning, and personal and professional development. Check out more of her writing at Jillian welcomes your comments below!

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Top 3 Places You Need To Invest – For Personal Growth


invest11 Top 3 Places You Need To Invest   For Personal Growth“You are beautiful. Know this. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply lying. You are beautiful.”
-Steve Marboli

Most people know that I truly believe in personal growth and expanding human potential. But, what some may not know, that some of the best personal growth and expansion happens, when someone commits to investing in their personal growth and journey. Investing ins’t risky. Invsting in yourself and your personal growth are essential to growing and sustaining a life filled with fulfillment.

Many people don’t know this, but there are actually 3 places that you need to invest, in your onw personal growth.

These 3 levels you need to invest in, will allow you to grow in your personal development.

You have to INVEST in yourself on three levels:

  1. Invest money (In the past I was good at buying the books, mentors and resources!)
  2. Invest time – (I didn’t invest the time because I was too busy doing!)
  3. Invest attitude - (I previously have  invested in a growth mindset and take my personal development very seriously)

All three need to be present for personal growth …

Now, there are some individuals who have ignored these and it has destroyed their careers by developing fixed mindset and  relying purely on status, ego and past experience to solve future problems. Learning is seen as a weakness by these people!

If you stop learning, you stop leading. You stagnate and you will falter.

Truth is successful people invest time, money and attitude in their own personal development and it pays off.  They know life is a life long journey of lessons. Successful people always make the effort to learn and study, regardless of what age they are.

When all three of these are being invested wisely, you will start to see a shift in your level of personal growth. What you give to yourself and to others is what you always get back. So, begin to day to start researching ways you can start investing more of these three areas, and see how much of a difference it can make when you take the time to put in the effort.


BAKER SIGNITURE75 Top 3 Places You Need To Invest   For Personal Growth

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The Only 5 Things That Happy People Do Differently


Happy people do things differently than sad people. Here are 5 Things in my research that I found happy people do differently than sad people.

5 The Only 5 Things That Happy People Do Differently

1. They Follow their Path – Happy people follow their path. This means that what they do regular is part of their bigger contribution to the world. When one is aligned with their path in life, they tend to live happier lives because they are living from a space of alignment. They aren’t following the path of people that are not in aligned with their own. They express sincere desire for individuality.

2. They Don’t succumb To Peer Pressure.- People think that peer pressure ends at high school. This is not true. Adults live with peer pressure all the time, doing things out of guilt instead of doing what they believe is just, noble, and of honor. The truth is happiness in life comes from when you aren’t succumbing to peer pressure from what society wants from you, but fully expressing who you are and being good with that. When you follow your inner guidance happiness in-sues all the time. Because you are placing your belief in what you feel to be true at your core and this leads to happiness.

3. They Let Go and Trust – Most people live lives with holding onto old negativity from their past that they can’t release. The truth is the only thing that is constant is “change” we are beings that are constantly changing, if you aren’t changing you aren’t growing. Growth sometimes is challenging and provides much obstacles for people, but the growth is what leads to happiness, when one is fully secure with the present moment and letting go and trusting the universe has their back.

4. They Know That Happiness is Their Birth Right. Some may say that they are sad because they don’t deserve to be happy. Truth, is the difference between happy and sad people is that happy people know that happiness is their birth right. They don’t seek it on other things or people, they find it within. It’s a space that they are assured and feel confident in knowing is always within themselves.

5. They Make a Contribution to humanity. The world around you is what you are seeing based on your perception of reality. What you choose to see is what becomes real for you. When someone chooses to see a world where they can contribute and make a difference, and act on that they step into a level of happiness that they could never imagine possible. The reason for this is, is because when you are giving you are living. Fulfillment comes when you are contributing. This is the act of service that all master teachers share, and has very deep rooted spiritual truth to one’s overall happiness. Happy people know this, and contribute to humanity and focus on making a difference.


millionaire1 The Only 5 Things That Happy People Do Differently


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The Only 2 Tips To Having More Happiness In Your Life Today


Happiness. Do you have it?

It seems to be something that comes and goes for most people. Why is it that people say they want to be happy. But, actually do things that don’t make them happy and leave them feeling sad, worried, and frustrated with daily life?

In my journey, happiness never seems to allude me because I practice these two tips I’m going to share with you on a daily basis. This is done as a discipline. Here are the 2 tips to happiness, and having more happiness in your life they are quite simple.  Practice these 2 tips to increase the happiness  in your life daily.



Screen Shot 2014 08 20 at 12.01.35 PM The Only 2 Tips To Having More Happiness In Your Life Today

1. Gratitude.


Each time you receive something express gratitude. As you express gratitude each and every time for something you magnify it. You then start living from an authentic space of allowing more happiness into your life. Practice gratitude in the smallest things in your life. Create a journal. Everyday write down 3 things you are grateful for whatever you experienced in that day.


2. Meditation.

Happiness  will come when you practice meditating daily. Sit in silence for a few minutes 5 minutes at very least a day. As you practice meditation and quieting the mind you, will see your day going smootly. Your day will be effortless, and you will enhance the joy you feel on a regular basis. Quiet the mind daily. You will see happiness start to emerge in the silence.



Screen Shot 2014 08 20 at 12.04.06 PM The Only 2 Tips To Having More Happiness In Your Life Today



Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9.20.29 PM The Only 2 Tips To Having More Happiness In Your Life Today

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The Purpose of Living On Purpose

There is a purpose to your life. Most know of it, some live it, some only dream of it. To live a life of purpose means that you are clear on what it is you came on this planet earth to do.

When you are living the life that you truly desire, you start to understand that your purpose may change during your lifetime. But, one thing will remain the same. What is the one thing that will remain the same when you choose to live on purpose?


A life filled with purpose is a life that you are living with a strong sense of direction. Have you ever experienced purposeful life that didn’t feel great?

When the purpose of your very being is to serve the masses you will see that you are coming from a very authentic space that feels great, authentic, and absolutely mind blowing. There are great men and woman that you may have read about in history books, or seen in documentaries that you aspire to be like. Or you may very much find their lives to be a very instrumental part of how you choose to live yours. What was the one thing these influential people throughout history all had in common?

The willingness to live a life filled with purpose. A purposeful life that inspires and changes the world and makes a difference.


If you found this post useful, valuable, and or  encouraging share this blog post. Also feel free to check out my latest top selling book “The Indigo Child’s Survival Guide” : A Guide To Discovering and Unlocking Your Supernatural Powers Now available on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Itunes.

Screen Shot 2015 03 22 at 5.02.10 PM1 The Purpose of Living On Purpose

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