Take It A Step Further

Taking it one step further. Are you doing that daily in your life?

If not why aren’t you?

You have the ability to take it one step further. To go that extra step to making your big dreams in life a reality.

One of the things that you aren’t allowing yourself to do is the exact thing that allows you to take it further in your process and journey.

So many people are waiting to be saved. You will not be saved. You have to take it further in your life and your business, because there is nobody that is actually going to save you.

That might be a reality for some but a sound like music to the ears of people that are constantly willing to take it further in their own development and life.

It’s truly a beautiful experience when you are awake the the idea that you are the creator of your reality.

The Remarkable Journey

One of the reasons for this truly remarkable journey I am now in is because of these truths, wisdoms, that I share with you from my perspective. It truly is a remarkable thing to experience these great joys of life for me. The remarkable journey is one step at a time. One foot ahead of the other.

When you step into this inner joy and expansion of life that exists within you at that point you don’t really see that taking it one step further in your own journey as something too far “out there” in the future, but something you can take action on in the here and now. What is the next action step you can take now to get you closer to living the life of your dreams now?


The Expansion of Life

There are many people that truly love the expansion of life and actively engaging in being the best version they know themselves to be each and everyday. Allow yourself that space to be that person. The concrete action on a daily basis with the vision for the expansion of your life daily will make you take the steps necessary to achieve. 

It’s like a goat that goes up, and takes on a big mountain. It’s one step at a time.

This is your canvas, you are the painter. You can paint what you like to see happen in your reality. Don’t give it up to chance.

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2 Steps To Awakening Your Inner Greatness

Your inner greatness. Do you have it?

The truth is that your inner greatness is something that you can truly awaken when you are coming from a deep sense of inspiration and authentic power.

Let me explain. Each person is gifted with some great talent. Wheter they apply and utilize their talent however is another story.

Some people take the time and effort daily to master their talent, and this talent benefits the world in some way shape or form. Some people recognize their talent, but hardly ever apply or put in the right effort to utilize their talent.

You see, everyone has freewill. You can either use the talent you are given or not, depending on your own free will. However, everyone can tap into their inner greatness when they learn how to and are committed to it.

Here are the 2 basic steps to awakening your inner greatness.

1. Embrace Your Talent.

Most people, will actually not embrace their talent. That means that if you are the one of the few that actually take time to acknowledge, and fully embrace your talent you will start to truly awaken your inner greatness. Your inner greatness starts with this embracing of your talent. This is truly a remarkable things when you understand how to honour and love your talent. Treat your talent like a valuable energy that you need to nurture and nourish daily. When you embrace this talent you truly start to awaken your inner greatness.

2. Channel That Talent Greatly.

When you channel this talent greatly, you start to move in the direction of your highest desire and moving that talent into something greater than yourself. This means that you are constantly moving in the state of flow. This means taking inspired action to moving your talent into platforms that truly offer the greatest service to mankind. This is what you want to tap into and truly move towards awakening your inner greatness. Take this inspired action on a regular basis. Align with this great talent of yours  and move it forward.

Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM 2 Steps To Awakening Your Inner Greatness


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Accepting Your Best Life

When you are one with the acceptance of your life. You are one with the acceptance of your best life.

What do I mean by your best life? I mean the life where you accept where you are, but also move in the direction that brings you more excitement and joy. The truth is that all you do in life will come back to your excitement and joy.

Accepting Your Best Life

The excitement you feel is the same excitement  that is constantly leading you to your best life. As you accept this reality. You start to move with spirit. You start to move in direction that you feel is truly meant for your highest good and highest good of all.

Living in a state of accepting this life that is now your best life as you move with the excitement  allows you to move in the direction of hope, inspiration, and living the life made manifested through your willingness for positive change. Accept this goodness. Accept that you are doing the best you can to live the best life you can possibly ever imagine possible.

Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you will land among the stars. -Anonymous

Simply what I mean is this:

Following your own inner excitement, mixed with faith and belief in yourself and your journey will yield to miraculous moments in your life that you feel 100% guided and you feel that your best version of yourself is transforming not only you but those that you serve. As you serve others with this inspiration you become the catalyst of the change you would like to see in the world. Your best self comes out into the forefront, and you will live our life excited to make a difference that sends positive ripples across the globe.

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Taken With a Grain of Salt

A lot of people that read my blogs. Read each word as literal. I want to say that you shouldn’t take what I say or any other people you follow as an inspiration literal.

Why is This?

Because when I’m talking about things on here, it only comes from my perspective and that means that its only one perspective.

You see, I urge people to start their own blogs, and their own projects and business because I am pro having people empower themselves and others with their message to the world.

I’ve gotten tons of emails in the past how people have said that my blog has inspired them to start a new project, a new business, and how much passion and joy they are receiving from having made those new choices that have positively impacted their lives.

That’s a wonderful thing to experience, both for me and the people that took the action to make the change happen for themselves in a positive way.

The key is that those few did take action and as a result they’ve had a tremendously positive life change.

Take Action

I don’t want people just to follow my work blindly. I want them to actually take action and make big things happen in their life that matters to them and that truly makes a difference in the world in some positive way.
I have people that just read my blog for comfort. Then there are people that take action on what I suggest and actually see their lives changed.

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The Joy of Living

The life you live now is filled with joy. There is no other thing in sight besides it.

This may seem far fetched to some, but when you simply take a look at what your life is right now and not what it could be you will already come to this understanding of this miraculous joyful life you already have.

The true wisdom that can be felt here is that the joy of living comes within your spirit. It is in your spirit that you can bring your unique gifts and talents to the world and make the world you live in a more enriching, positive, and wonderful place to live. A joyful life begins with a joyful way of looking at gratitude. Looking at the never ending miracles that flow your way, that is the joy within.


You see within you is the joy of life that transcends through time, space, and physical reality. The joy within you in the thing that lives inside each person. It is what leads to your greatest inspired  thoughts and the actions you take that allow you to bring about positive change in the world around you.

To live in the joy of the world is to live in the joy within you.

It is Within

What you’ll find is that the joy of living, as mentioned  is already something that is within you. You win in your life by nothing other than understanding this very basic universal principle.

That the joy you seek is within you and all it takes is the the instant awareness of this space within you to grow and to expand.

There is no reason to think otherwise. To live in a true stay of joy, is embracing your true life the way it is right now.

Joy is who you are. There is no disconnect with who you are and what joy embodies.

The joy of living is happening within you now, it is the way you are choosing to become aware of this that allows this space to unfold for you very nicely.

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A Universal Message

Most of my blog readers believe it or not, are not from the U.S.

The reasons vary for that, but most of the ideas and thoughts I share here are actually very universal.

One of the things that I find very interesting and that I absolutely look forward to is actually sharing the information that truly inspires and empowers many others.

In Japan there is saying they have, that translates into life and business. It is this in Japanese.

“Songo, tok ni, imade wani baai”

What this means translated loosely in English is simply means:

“If not now, then when ?”

What if that phrase became the mantra of your life? Would you ever procrastinate again?

Using Your Own Mantra

There are certain universal messages we can start using as mantras that we can think about when we want to start first evaluating any given situation, and then second making the improvement and decision to make things better for yourself. This is absolutely incredible.


What are things in your life that you want improvement on. What types of mantras do you use to get you into moving into the direction of living the life of your dreams from the inside-out? Is there a book that you need to write ? A blog you need to start ? A podcast message video that you need to share that will make a positive change in others lives?

If you are reading my blog thus far, you probably have your own universal message you would like to share with the world. One that truly can make this world a much happier, prosperous, and joyful place.

Why limit yourself, when you are truly divine? Why not expand and truly get to the next level in your life ? A universal message is probably something you already have, and when you share that you truly embrace the greatness of your life.

Think of what that thing is you feel inspired to move forward with, and ask yourself the question.

If not now, then when ?

Have a book that is just waiting to get out of you, but don’t know where to start? Discover here below and I will have my team of experts work with you one on one and hold your hand through the process of getting your book self published on Amazon.

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Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM A Universal Message


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3 Simple Tips To Thriving

Thriving. Have you done it ?

When you are met with much struggle, or new challenges how do you react and how do you begin to thrive ?

If you are like most people you don’t feel great when some new struggle or challenge presents itself. The reaction is probably  not a favorable one. Yet, if you look at all the struggles you have gone through, you are still technically  living and breathing reading this now. You are still here.

You are meant to thrive.

The truth is that, most people make things bigger than they are, especially if they are new challenges that one has not yet dealt with. It’s human nature to feel worry when these types of things occur. Thriving usually comes after you have dealt with some challenge, after you have overcome some block. There are 3 ways to properly deal with these unfavorable things as they arise and thrive.

Screen Shot 2015 04 23 at 8.21.11 AM 3 Simple  Tips To Thriving

1. Accept The Challenge.

When you are faced with a challenge. What you want to do is accept that it is there. The times when you are faced with things you feel you have no control over, and when it seems things are going to be difficult road ahead is when you want to face the challenge. Look at it from all perspectives, ask for help with a trusted advisor, friend, or mentor. And accept the challenge for what it really is. Which in reality is a new opportunity for you to grow and learn something you never knew you can overcome. You will be able to accept the challenge and overcome it because you are child of God.

2. Focus On Your Past Success.

You probably have already gone through many challenges, that you at one point in your life thought you would never get through. There are several moments in your life where you literally just somehow got through your obstacle. Focus on those moments of victory. Focus on the good that you learned form it, and place your attention on giving yourself the credit and appreciation for having gone through those things in your life. You will see that what you focus on from your previous victories over challenges is what will truly help guide you with whatever you may be facing at the moment. God will help you in this process and you will see that indeed, you can begin to focus on the good previous success with dealing with these things; and you will have victory in your life. You are meant for great things in this life.

3. Be Grateful For What Is Happening.

It is very hard to feel grateful when you are going through some obstacle that you rather not go through. But, the deeper wisdom is that the obstacle is actually happening for a much greater purpose that is meant to serve you. Choose to feel grateful for the challenge, it is waking you up to an area in your life that you need to grow in. You may not recognize it at the time, but the challenge is  actually a blessing to be able to go through it. You can and will overcome it. You are a victor of your life.

5730985 3 Simple  Tips To Thriving


baker11 3 Simple  Tips To Thriving

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An Inspired Life : Sharing Your Talent

To live an inspired life, one must share their talent with others. You will see that it is the talent you are given is designed to share it with the world. In fact, sharing the talent comes in many forms, depending on the talent. Within  you is talent.

An inspired life begins with sharing your talent.

However, have you ever found that you may have too many talents? Are you too talented? You may think that being talented is a good thing. But the reality is you don’t want to be too talented.

You want a talented team around you. Let’s face it if I were to do all this magnificence myself I would never reach the heights of greatness I live in each day. Why?

Behind this blog for example are so many people that share the content and consume it. That’s not my talent. My talent is creating the content but when you share the content and it inspires, empowers, or uplifts others. Guess what? You and me are blessed at the same time. As you consume and share this blog you are being blessed in many ways. At the essence of every positive ripple more ripples are being made.

A wave of good, inspiration, and positive vibes begins to flow into the world’s atmosphere.

What do I enjoy about blogging?

For me, a blog is something that is oozes out passion, great joy out of me. It’s truly a wonderful experience. Living a life where you are inspired brings out your talents and passion. It truly becomes this remarkable thing. You become one with all that is good in your world and truly begin to make the positive ripples when you choose to live inspired, and also choose to share the talents you were gifted.

Continue on the path that truly awakens alivens your soul. You will see that this becomes the remarkable journey that you have asked for. Live with the magnificence of this truth and wisdom.




Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM An Inspired Life : Sharing Your TalentScreen Shot 2015 07 18 at 6.23.50 PM An Inspired Life : Sharing Your Talent

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Are You Busy ? Why That Doesn’t Matter.

I hear a lot that people say they are “busy.” I never really understood that term – busy.

Busy with what?

You see for me, the term busy means that you aren’t really prioritizing  your time efficiently enough. Your time is valuable. And who you are and what you do matters in the world.  Why would you ever be “busy” ?

Busy implies  that your time is at the mercy of someone else or some other obligation that isn’t necessarily adding to your achievement goals. Effective time management of time resources is not a concept that the western world has fully adopted  yet.

Prioritizing your time effectively  on the other hand, you take back control of your time, resources,  and your life. Prioritizing  your time can save you a lot of well, time. And with effective prioritizing of your own time you can be more of an incredible valuable to the marketplace and enjoy life more.  It can also lead to better habits with your time management that allows you to know what to focus on to get better results and what not to focus on.

Screen Shot 2015 07 12 at 1.31.38 PM Are You Busy ? Why That Doesnt Matter.

Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM Are You Busy ? Why That Doesnt Matter.

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Stopping To Smell The Roses

Stopping to smell the roses. Do you do it?

It’s summer here in the United States. I know I have tons of readers of my blog that reside outside of the U.S. It’s interesting that my style of writing actually appeals more to a global audience. And so, one thing most people like to do in the summer time is spend more time to relax and things of that nature.

The reason for this post is to highlight the reasons why stopping and smelling the roses can be beneficial  for you. It’s wonderful to stop to smell the roses, and truly immerse yourself in the wonders of the present moment.

Stopping To Smell The Roses

The reason you want to stop and smell the roses is because your health is your wealth. When you are burnt out and tired of what you are doing you have to also make time to stop and smell the roses. Meaning take time to do things that you actively enjoy.

Think of some new things activities that you may enjoy doing and start doing them. You won’t be surprised  by the amazing inspirational insights that come when you are actively engaged in the enjoyable things of your life.

baker1 Stopping To Smell The Roses

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