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Manifesting your best life. Is this something that you are doing?

From my personal experience I’ve found that manifesting what you want into the physical world is an art form.

Like any art form… It does take practice to get the hang of how manifestation works. Everyone at different levels are manifesting. Manifesting your best life, is an extraordinary experience.

In my own personal experience, I’ve been getting wonderful results, once I started learning how to manifest in my own business and life. It’s truly an amazing process, that I’ve been blessed to personally experience.  This came through practice of manifestation  overtime.

The truth is you are either consciously or unconsciously everything that you are experiencing and seeing your reality is a result of your choice.

For some people  that is difficult to grasp. Yet, when you take a closer and much deeper look into this. You see evidence of you actually being the creator of your reality. The beauty of learning how to manifest is you become a positive person in the world.


I wrote a chapter in my book The Indigo Child’s Survival Guide on Law of Attraction and how to manifest. You can pick up your copies here.

Most people go wrong with manifesting because even though they say they tried the techniques on how to manifest things and experiences in their life they fall short.

Where Most People Go Wrong With Manifesting What They Want

Where do most people go wrong when it comes to manifesting what they want in life ? Usually people go wrong,  based on time frames.

For example: When Someone says they intend to manifest a brand new shiny car for example, by January 3, 2015 and the car doesn’t arrive. Some get discouraged easily.

What most people working on manifestations don’t realize is that sometimes there is a time buffer sometimes with manifestation.


Because you have to be a match to what you are asking for energetically in order to receive what you are asking for.

This means that sometimes manifestations come quicker than others because you were already a good match to manifesting that thing. Work on manifesting first smaller items. Like a “banana” or cup of coffee.

And that practice of starting off with smaller items will increase your law of attraction muscle. And you can move on to bigger items. Just keep a positive light attitude towards this process. The more you can relax and just have fun with it the faster manifestations comes. Don’t be too rigid in this process. Allow this to flow naturally for you.

The Goal?

So the goal is to not be so hard on yourself and fall into that space of disappointment when what you have been asking Universe for doesn’t readily come in on your time. The goal is to practice manifestation, and trusting the universe. This is a transformational process.

It will come on universal timing just keep the faith, and know that it is coming in due time. It’s not so much about patience, more than it is about you lining up energetically to what it is you are intending to manifest. You are the creator of what you experience in life.

Like attracts like.

Have you seen in your experience that you are attracting more of what you think about?

If so, remember when your manifestations don’t show up right away, just keep working on your energy vibration. Keeping the mindset positive, and serving others authentically.

Hint: It is a lot easier to keep a positive attitude in your life, when you have the pure intention of adding value to others lives in an authentic way that truly makes a lasting difference in others lives.

Life becomes a truly amazing process for you when you live with an attitude  of positive expectancy. Expect good things, people, and experiences to flow in your life naturally. Manifest your best life.


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How to Be A Positive Person In The World

You have seen movies where superheroes have some kind of evil enemy. Superman, Batman, or Spiderman.
Do you ever feel that you are a positive person and the only evil enemy you have to face is the rest of the world?

Well, don’t feel that way. The truth is, if you want to be a positive change in the world there are many more people that want to join in your movement. Collectively you can make a positive change in the world with those that share your same vision for a brighter, prosperous, and pure life of goodness. The way to become a positive person in the world is to embody positive change from within. If you want to be a positive person in the world, you want to embody positive change.

Embodying Positive Change

A positive change and becoming a positive force of change in the world will require that you get super clear on your life’s purpose of service. From that place, other will align with your mission. It starts from within.


The same way worked with my book that is now in 9 different languages, and is now an international bestseller. I had the title come to me as a flash of insight. And I wrote it on paper. And the universe delivered to me 2 other co-authors to come aboard and 1 year later we had a bestselling book that is making a positive difference in the world.

So how do you do this? How do you become a positive change in the world ?

There’s 2 simple ways.

2 300x3001 How to Be A Positive Person In The World

#1. First of all, you’ll need a clear vision of what you want to do as a form of service to the world. It can be anything like writing a book, a blog, music, video, any product or service you can come up with that is true to who you are is all it takes.

#2. Second, mix in a plan of staying on course with your life’s purpose. When you become more positive, you start to see the real reason for the thing you do in life, is simply to stay aligned with living out your life’s purpose. By focusing on service to others, you become the leading catalyst for change that is positive that starts with you. This shines as a beacon of light to make an impact in others lives as well. By doing this you allow yourself to create scenarios, experiences in your life that move you in the right direction that feels aligned with your life’s purpose. 


Screen Shot 2014 08 20 at 11.00.13 AM How to Be A Positive Person In The World


Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM1 How to Be A Positive Person In The World


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2 Tips To Better Health

Better health. Is it something you have? Along with a positive mindset, having better health is essential to living the type of lifestyle and success that you want to live.

But why is having good health is what most people want, but why is that most people don’t have better health ?

The reason can vary. But, the real reason is that they don’t understand that it’s good health is something to be maintained. Not a one shot deal you do once, and then forget about it. Just like developing a new muscle while weightlifting, maintaining your health is a constant focus in your life, that must be maintained.

There are 2 tips to better health that I will share with you. 


2 2 Tips To Better Health


1. Eat Healthier. What types of foods are you eating on a daily basis. A simple tip is Start eating foods that are colorful. That is what you want to do eat more organic foods that are rich in color. Eating healthier food is going to make you feel amazing. Do this on a regular basis. Start simple. You don’t have to go super healthy all at once, just take your time on your pace. Gradual improvement is better than no improvements.

2. Exercise. The more you exercise  the better your body will feel. The key is to maintain a schedule of a certain amount of day that you will commit to doing. Write down how many hours and what type of exercise you will be doing. Once again do this gradually. It is good to get into a routine that at first feels comfortable for you, and then gradually start with more challenging exercise.  You will feel great when you maintain a regular exercise schedule that you have written down, and start crossing off your list on a more regular consistent basis. Remember the key is consistency.



Having the health you want in your life, by following these 2 simple tips will truly change your life in a positive way. You will feel better, have more success and live a beautiful life and get back on purpose to living your life with passion. Take action on these and see the changes occur for you.


Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM1 2 Tips To Better Health


For more inspiration like this. Grab you copy of my international Best Selling Book. Now available on Books A Million !

2nd Edition 3 2 Tips To Better Health

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Carving Your Own Path In Life : 2 Simple Tips

As mentioned in a previous post on how to live a full life. One of the lessons I shared in that previous post was this idea of carving your own path in life.

Carving your own path in life, is absolutely fascinating. You will love your life so much when you are making progress with a path you’ve carved out for yourself, and you are seeing results that you always wanted. When you don’t carve your own path, you will always feel like you are working for someone or following someone else’s big dreams, that may not necessarily align with your own big dreams in life.

One of the reasons, I’ve found fulfillment not just in life in general, but  specifically as an entrepreneur in the business I run, did not happen  after the fact that my book is a bestselling book in 9 languages (and counting).

And, quite frankly  it was not after many different achievements online.

The experience of actual feelings of fulfillment for me,  came way  before everything fell into place.

Furthermore, as the journey began to unfold for me, the levels of fulfillment  actually began to enhance my life experience even more. I noticed  the feelings of fulfillment really  came along the  journey;  that I was  to courageously taking on.

The fulfillment that comes from within you will also come when you are enjoying your own journey in the process.

Your Journey and Unique Process

Carving your own path, is truly just a journey. It’s not a 1 time destination. It’s in the unique process of going through the ups and downs of your own journey and becoming the best version of you that leads to fulfillment. It has very little to do with where you are heading, but everything to do with what you are doing in the present moment along your journey.

Rediscover Your Brand (What Makes You Unique)

When Carving your own path when it comes to social media and the internet. You want to brand you. Questions to consider.


What matters most to you, not what others have programmed you to matter, but what matters to you ?

What are things at a core foundational level do you want to represent and stand for (what makes you unique) ?

What are things at the foundation of your inner being that you value, that bring meaning into your life ?

Somethings for me include.

1. Service to others.

2. Sharing wisdom from personal experience.

3. Being Authentic.

4. Creative Self Expression.

5. Sharing successful tools, techniques,  I’ve used that have worked wonders for me that I intend can inspire others as well.

These are some of the things that work for me. There will be things that work well for you, but it’s still up to you to find that through your own self growth.

You are Unique

When carving your own path, and branding yourself online. You want to be clear on what you want to give to the world. It has more to do with what you give, than what you get.  The richness of life will not come from me just telling you to carve your own path, brand yourself online, and how wonderful this all is. It’s still up to you to do the work yourself and experience it, that is if this stuff appeals to you. It’s a wonderful experience.

Your responsibility  is simply this. It’s up to you to follow your unique journey and lead your life. It is to do good work in the world, and enjoy your unique process.

To carve your own unique path to awakening the greatness that the universe has placed on you. To enjoy the process and whatever unfolds is really meant for you.

As with most things on my blog. I want to keep things simple. Here are 2 Simple Tips you can start using on your unique journey to help you carve your own path, and start the process of awakening the inner greatness from within.


2 Simple Tips To Carving Your Own Path.

Screen Shot 2014 08 20 at 12.01.35 PM Carving Your Own Path In Life : 2 Simple Tips

Simple Tip # 1. Get Clear on What You Value:

It is a lot easier to carve your own path, when you are super clear on what you value. I worked with clients before to helping them develop them fully. Biggest problem is they aren’t clear on what they value.

They may value what others have programmed to value. This leads to fuzziness. The ideal is to eliminate fuzziness, and get crystal clarity.  But, that awakening comes when you decide its time. So get very clear on what you value, write out a list. Keep working on that list, until you get clarity – this may not be a one time list. This may take you sometime. Main, thing is get ideas flowing on paper ; and the rest falls into place. I shared with you, earlier 5  things I value and honoure it. You want to do this too.

Once again, What do you value? Maybe its making a small difference in your community? Maybe you see a problem, that can be solved in the niche you are in?

Maybe its sharing an important message via social media? Take your time with this list. Some people never take the time to actually think this through properly, and lead lives that are unsatisfactory. You’ll need time to close of distractions from others, and get clarity on  your personal  values again. Once you get some clarity on what you value. Seek out a mentor. Pay that mentor money, listen and implement ways you can improve the quality of your life.

Simple Tip # 2. Stop Following The Crowd.

When you are following the crowd, you will almost always see very little progress on your own carved out path. You want to study and get around people that are in the niche that you are passionate about.

But, you also want to put your own unique spin on things within your niche, to help your brand expand nicely. This takes being willing to be creative. It takes courage as well. However, with  consistent practice, working on your gift,  and commitment  to your new carved out path the process actually becomes a rather exciting and adventurous one. Follow your intuition, by putting in good work you are called to be doing,  and things begin to fall into place.

Carving your own path, will make you stand out of the crowd. That’s okay. Just continue to honoure your unique process, and care more about following your path, than what others think.

Being willing to stick with what you value, and putting in the focus, work, and time necessary to develop the highest version of yourself, to inspire and reach many people around the globe. You can do this, if you listen, socialize with other mentors in your niche, implement action they suggest, carve your own path, and lead your life to the fullest expression you ever dreamed possible.



My book book Indigo Wisdom; now available on Itunes! For more inspiration like what you are reading on my blog, grab your copies of my book below.
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yes4 Carving Your Own Path In Life : 2 Simple Tips

Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM4 Carving Your Own Path In Life : 2 Simple Tips

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2 Tips To Living A Full Life

A life where you live fully. Imagine that for one second. Can you imagine, what it would feel like ?

Most are concerned with what they don’t want to have happen in life, and they end up creating more of it.

Most personal development and spiritual gurus will tell you time and again, and you heard it in my blog that you become what you think about. This is because the law of attraction is always at work, even if you don’t know it yet. When one decides to live a full life, it feels magnificent. It is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself when you choose to start living a full life.

There are 2 tips here I share with you to start living a full life.

2 2 Tips To Living A Full Life

1. Carve Your Own Path.

Living a full life begins with you.  You will find that in carving your own path, the path of your choice. One that is focused with clarity; you’ll start seeing life from a whole new perspective. One that you can control based on what you want to experience. Many people will get caught in following the follower. With the advancement of social media. You want to lead you, and build an audience.

This leads to the richness and fullness of life that you desire. And you can also make an impact in others lives in a authentic powerful way that matters. Simply by sharing your talents and branding you online.   A simple example, is I build an audience through this blog and books I’ve written. This is a path I carved out and it’s manifested very nicely for me and those that have worked alongside me. This carving of your own path will enhance you living your life in full. It’s remarkable.

2. Write Out Your Ideal Day.

When you decide on carving your own path, how does that path look like? There may be certain elements, or experiences you want to have. I suggest this powerful tip.

Take out a piece of paper and a pen now. Write out in exact detail what your ideal day looks like. Clearly write out what you are doing, what do the sights and sounds feel like? Where are you ? How does the experience feel? Write your ideal out clearly in detail. Remember you can be, do, and have what you want in life. You are an unlimited being capable of internal greatness. All it takes is that you continue do good work, focus, and align in yourself to your true calling.


Living a full life means being 100% responsible for what you are creating in your life. It truly can be a magnificent journey. A full life begins with a full you.

Screen Shot 2015 04 01 at 10.47.15 AM 2 Tips To Living A Full Life


5730985 2 Tips To Living A Full Life

Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM3 2 Tips To Living A Full Life

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3 Simple Tips To Greater Fulfillment In Your Life

When it comes to having a sense of fulfillment in your life, one thing is for certain. There are certain things you do daily that allow you to continue to experience this fulfillment.

If it is in your work, relationships, or anything else in your life that you succeed and feel the feelings of fulfillment at there, are certain things you do either  consciously or unconsciously that help you succeed with experiencing  fulfillment.

A sense of feeling  fulfilled to me simply means you enjoy what you do, and what you do in some way is of greater service to others other than yourself.

You can imagine now how wonderful this experience truly is.


But Why Does it Work This Way?

Yet, If having a sense of fulfillment  in life feels wonderful. Why do most people say they lack fulfillennt? Why are some not even aware they lack it?

Well. The short answer is that most don’t know how simple it is to experience true fulfillment. Second, most people think fuffillment is external from them. When in reality fulfillment is very simple at its core, and is completely an internal experience.

This can come in many different forms. But, the main point you simply want to keep in mind is that a feeling of fulfillment is totally within you at any time; it is an amazing internal approach.

There are 3 Simple tips I share here that will gradually increase your level of greater fulfillment in your life.

Screen Shot 2015 05 18 at 6.04.43 AM 3 Simple Tips To Greater Fulfillment In Your Life

1. Practice Gratitude Daily.

Each day start with what you are grateful for. The reason for this is that there is always something in your life you can be grateful for. What you want to do is as you go about your day, focus on gratitude. You will see simply focusing at least 3 things each day you are grateful for will improve your overall life experience and increase your levels of feeling fulfilled from within.

When you are grateful especially for the progress you are making in your life and personal development you feel a sense of internal growth. This internal growth when; recognized by you in form of gratitude practiced daily; leads you gradually to a feeling of fulfillment within.

2. Pace Yourself Nicely.

One of the reasons most people have a lack of fulfillment  is that they are constantly looking outwards for validation from others. The truth is that you don’t need outward validation in order to feel fulfilled  in your life. You simply need to set your goals that the Divine has given to you, stay in your lane and pace yourself nicely. When you are pacing yourself with following your true calling in life, you can gradually give yourself validation and appreciation for your own progress.

This takes the feelings of having to compete with others completely away from you, and you start to dance with nicely when you pace yourself with your own goals, and your own achievements. When you pace yourself and appreciate your journey you can move towards feeling fulfilled  in who you are and what you do. Pace yourself nicely. Constantly give yourself the credit you deserve along your journey.

3. You Already Are Fulfilled

Within you is now is everything you ever need to feel a sense of fulfillment. One thing at the advance level of life that you’ll discover is that who you are now, and what you are moving towards there already is greatness in it. You can choose to feel fulfilled at any moment. You do this simply by just becoming aware. When you are aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions you can always come back to being perfectly accepting and proud of how far you have come and who you are becoming in the present moment. You are blessed tremendously.

Know that you can choose to be with this feeling at any moment. All it takes is a shift in how you think about who you are now, and pacing yourself to the unique and exciting places you are heading towards in your magnificent journey of life. It begins with being aware of your internal authentic self. This inner awareness opens up the doorways to an enhanced experience of your life. One that is true to you and also benefits and uplifts others in an inspired way.

Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM3 3 Simple Tips To Greater Fulfillment In Your Life

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Screen Shot 2015 05 18 at 5.49.14 AM 3 Simple Tips To Greater Fulfillment In Your Life


Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM3 3 Simple Tips To Greater Fulfillment In Your Life


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Live With Passion: 2 Tips

Life is about living with passion. When was the last time you fully felt alive in your life?

How about in your business? The truth is that no matter where you are at now along your journey of life, there is always reason to live full out with 100% passion. Life truly becomes an amazing journey when one is connected to, and living out their passion.

What does this mean ? 

It means to take risks in life. In means standing up for what you believe in. It means making a contribution to others around you, and truly relishing in the joy of being there for others as a source of inspiration and empowering figure that you are.

Imagine doing what you are most passionate about, that makes a difference in others lives and enjoying your life everyday. Not the life that society or your parents or well meaning teachers told you to live.

But, the life that you created for yourself. A life of freedom, joy, and great connections with many amazing people. Living without having a boss. The ability to make a positive impact through your work, that you love.



So, if living your passion is so amazing….Why don’t most people live with passion ?

It’s because they lost their purpose. Most people that live with passion are continually in alignment with their life’s purpose. Your life’s purpose is what fuels you to a more passionate life.

How To Practically Start Living Your Passion.

1. Find Out What Your Life’s Purpose is.

And live each day following that purpose without fail. When you find out what your passion is, write down a list of things you can start taking action on ASAP to start moving towards  living your life’s purpose. Chunk it down into small daily actionable steps for 30 days. After end of 30 days your life will change dramatically for the better.

2. Get excited about each opportunity that arises.

When a new opportunity arises in your life get excited for it. And always express in your mind or spoken allowed your gratitude for the opportunity. The act of saying “Thank you.” either verbally aloud or in your heart is the excitement and gratitude necessary to fully live out energetically a life filled with passion in your daily existence.


Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM1 Live With Passion: 2 Tips

Screen Shot 2015 03 22 at 5.02.10 PM Live With Passion: 2 Tips


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How To Influence The World In A Positive Way

When I started this blog, I wondered what I wanted to share. Then I realized, that everything that goes through my head on a given day, would probably in of itself make a positive influence in the world.

That sounds a bit crazy.

However, as I type this now my intention is to show up authentically. No validation needed from any other outside force.

Just pure influence that comes from the divine that comes to me authentically.

How To Influence The World in The A positive  Way?

The way that you can influence the world in a positive way is by doing this:

Just be who you are.

I know some will say, that is impossible. But, when you show up to your life as a the authentic person you are, you add to the uplifting of the consiousness on this planet. Because your higher self already is an expression of the great divine. Be who you are and have a practical  outlet for it.

Show up to your world, as you are. Everything else falls into place nicely.

Here are 4  practical ideas (outlets) to becoming a positive influence in the world.

1. Start a blog.

2. Create a video series on Youtube. 

3. Create a new product that makes a difference. 

4. Take on a new exciting project. 

The main thing is you want to be the creator of something that calls to your true nature. When you put action as the “creator” your products, services etc. have the ability to influence the world in a positive way. Focus on output.


The reason is because when you are yourself, and use different mediums or platforms to express, that. That means there is one more person expressing their higher self. The higher self fully expressed is pure positive energy, that naturally creates a positive change in the world.


A Joy That Comes From Fully Expressing Oneself?

There is a joy you will sense as you become the amazing person you already are. As  you  begin to move towards your authentic self.

You will see that there are 3 things, from your authentic self that determine what you experience in life.

You have three things within you that determine what you experience in your life

1. Thoughts you think : You are creating your reality through thoughts you choose to think.

2. Images you visualize : As you create through thought, you also create through the images you hold in your mind.

3.  Action You Take : The action that are a result of your thoughts and visualization determine your results in life and thus the experience you will have.


Sizzle With Your Inner Greatness ?

You will begin to sizzle with the greatness of life because of your ability to choose that which is uplifting, empowering, and authentic to your true nature. It’s your time to sizzle.


A positive influence begins with your authentic self. From there you decide how much of an impact you would like to make in your world.

The great thing is this will act as a ripple effect that makes a positive change in the world in that very moment as you are fully expressing your true nature. For the divine nature and you are one.


Screen Shot 2015 05 11 at 8.56.07 PM How To Influence The World In A Positive Way

Screen Shot 2015 01 27 at 8.14.13 PM How To Influence The World In A Positive Way

Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM1 How To Influence The World In A Positive Way


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2 Tips To Living Your Greatness

Living your greatness. Everyone has the ability to do this. When you take stock of your life today, are you convinced that you are truly living in your greatness?

When I started this blog, I already was living in my greatness. Even, till this day I am living my greatness.


Because when you are fully coming from an authentic place to serve the masses in a way that is beneficial, helpful, and positive you are embracing the inner greatness within you. There is greatness within you. Your job is really to acknowledge this greatness, and do certain things that can enhance your inner greatness.

The actual achievement of greatness is not something elusive or mystical.

Greatness, the one that comes from within you; is a simple acceptance of your true authentic nature.

A truly amazing life begins to unfold for you when you are the person that is living from greatness.

Greatness doesn’t come by chance or luck. Greatness comes from your willingness to do these 2 simple things below.

Here are 2 simple tips to start living in your greatness today. 

2 2 Tips To Living Your Greatness

1. Find Ways To Serve.

When you look at the global consiouness of the world today, what do you see or feel is missing. Fill that void. Come from a place of empowerment with what you do for the masses and you will feel that greatness within in you comes to life.

There are many ways such as start organizations, higher consiousness based business, etc.  that have the end goal of empowering others lives. Take the action daily to serve others in a positive way. One that either helps, inspires, or makes a real difference in their lives.

Life becomes a truly blessed journey when you intent is to serve. Why ? Because giving is living.

There are many ways you can serve. Such as helping others that need a helping hand with something. You will see that sparks of your inner greatness start to flow through you when you think first in terms of service for others in a positive way.

 2. Find Ways To Be Of Value For Humanity

Just like being of service. You want to think in terms of being of value to the masses. There are certain things you can do on a smaller scale with the internet. Like blogging about your passion,  creating audio podcast, creating videos on topics you have mastered and can teach others as well.

Start small, then as you continue on your path you’ll see that your audience begins to expand towards humanity.

As you start on your journey of giving value that uplifts, inspires, or changes the world in some way you are well on your way to acknowledging the greatness within you.  You can be a positive light in the world.

Focus on delivering value in a way that makes the most difference for humanity. This will generate the feelings of greatness within you. The reason is because what you put out in the world, will flow back into your existence. Greatness comes from being of value for humanity in a way that is authentic and truly makes a difference in an uplifting way for others.



Screen Shot 2015 05 08 at 5.17.31 PM 2 Tips To Living Your Greatness

Screen Shot 2015 01 28 at 9.09.07 AM 2 Tips To Living Your Greatness

Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM 2 Tips To Living Your Greatness



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How to Deal with Overweight & Lack of Confidence and Live a Happy Life

Featured Guest Post By : Zdravko Lukovski

There is a problem with the {multi-billion dollar) self-help industry. Mainly, the industry part. You see… It’s one thing to truly think your wisdom can help other people, and if you are right, that’s admirable. Great job!

However, in most of the cases, the motivation is often purely the net profit. Single minded focus on marketing and revenue, make a depressing majority of these books do the opposite of help.

The most common thing you will see in these fancy cover e-Books is what some call “fat-shaming”. Often the author seems to have forgotten you have already bought the e-book. They will go on page after page telling the reader how sad he or she is, how miserable and unhappy he or she is. In the end, they’ve paid for filler and a bit of emotional abuse. Needless to say, this helps no one.

With the unrealistic promises made, a general lack of scientific validation, and all the fat shaming, how does this industry keep chugging along?

Well, it comes down to some useful insights and activities in the form of affirmations, meditation or visualization techniques which are included at the end of most of these self-help e-books. You see, this advice often would be quite helpful, if it weren’t for all the ego-destruction that led up to it.

Why go on at length about this? Well, while researching this article, we paid a professional writer a ridiculously small amount of cash to tell us about his experience with writing self-help e-books. Would it surprise you to hear that a lot of these e-books aren’t even written by the guru on the cover? It certainly surprised us, but it also explains a lot.

All things considered, time is precious, the last thing anyone needs is a self-help book that harms them. So let’s cut out the middle man. Here are five (not so) secret tips on overweight, happiness, confidence, fear and love that you can apply to your life!

Screen Shot 2015 05 07 at 10.53.18 AM How to Deal with Overweight & Lack of Confidence and Live a Happy Life

1. Don’t worry. Be Happy!

It’s no myth. Stress causes a myriad of problems. (Yes, this includes weight gain). We aren’t going to get into it here, however. Stressing you out about stress would be counter-intuitive.

Most self-help books suggest that losing weight helps in becoming happy and in reducing stress levels. Unfortunately, it’s hard for someone obsessed with their image to ever be happy.

Instead, focus on your happiness first. The reduction in your stress alone could contribute greatly to immediate weight loss. Even if it doesn’t, the extra optimism could help you realize that you have always been beautiful. Maybe you weren’t as overweight as you were critical on yourself. This leads into the next point quite well:

2. Fat itself isn’t bad.

What constitutes an unhealthy amount of body fat is far removed from what the media might have you think. Often, the above mentioned stress is what leads to health problems, not the body fat itself.

You have to think about what your goals are. If you want to become a bodybuilder, you shouldn’t be reading any self-help books for the attainment of that goal… you should find a personal trainer and get to work.

This applies to pretty much any goal you have in life. Someone has to know what they want in order to get it. Every self-help book will tell you the same thing, and then pretend this obvious fact is wisdom. (It is an easy fact to forget, however.) It doesn’t hurt to restate, the person Hollywood tells you to see in the mirror is not the person everyone else in society sees.

3. Love yourself. Love other people.

The thing about our reality is that it is entirely subjective. The subject reality we live in has this nasty thing called marketing however. Marketing only works by selling you a lifestyle you want, and this is done by telling you that yours is inferior.

Self-help books capitalize on this by telling you everything the media says here is true. They are lying. The fact is everyone is beautiful, and everyone is flawed. If you don’t love yourself, then it can be next to impossible to honestly address your flaws and improve them. When you can see the best in yourself, and in other people, you’ll find that your life immediately becomes more positive and has more supportive people in it.

The fastest road to happiness is to devote your time to making the people around you happy.

4. Everything in life takes hard work.

A lack of confidence and self-respect can make achieving one’s goals seem impossible. It’s not. Most people are only stopped by the fact that they give up when the going gets tough.

The thing is… achieving goals takes sacrifice. If you are absolutely unwilling to give something up to achieve a goal, then maybe that goal is what you have to sacrifice. In the end, you have to work hard to survive, so you might as well survive by achieving your goals.

5. Free yourself from fear, don’t be afraid to fail!

Even worse than giving up when the going gets tough, is giving up before you even begin – It’s easy to tell yourself you can’t. Instead of deciding this, ask yourself: Why not?
The universe has a strange way of conspiring to aid those who make a decision to pursue their dreams, so many things in this world never occur because someone, somewhere, was afraid of trying. Don’t be afraid of failure.

Failure is the best teacher on the planet! The most successful people in life have failed the most, because they have not been afraid to keep trying.
This advice might sound obvious, but so many snake oil salesmen have muddied it- The thing is… if you take it truly to heart, nothing can get in your way! Don’t forget, that means being honest with yourself as well, so re-assess your goals if they aren’t working out for you. Maybe there is a gap between what you want, and what society has convinced you to want.

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