This is Just From My Experience

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I don’t claim to be a guru or anything of that sort. What I do know is that a majority of the inspiration I share on this blog, are from my own personal experiences.

It’s a beautiful life, but this is just from my own experience.

I believe everyone is entitled to their own experience of life.

When I was starting out just as a writer many ions ago,  I knew that one of the biggest things I never seemed to have was writer’s block. I can literally sit at a computer and just start writing some masterpieces. Many e-boooks later my book is now in 9 languages and still claims the number one spot on Amazon for it’s category.

Why Do I Tell You This ?

I tell you this because whatever you are naturally good at, you should always pursue and focus your time on.

Why ?

Because a person with passion and willingness to serve the massess is a person that is more productive, happy, and prosperous.

One thing that is so great about blogging, is the ability to share the practical tips, wisdom, and inspiration  that comes from within my inner being.

A lot of times, I dont’ know what is coming over me when I write this. It seems as almost a guided force comes over me and I just start to flow. It’s about focusing on what you want via Law of attraction and going with what feels right for you to manifest what you choose. I speak more about the law of attraction in my book Indigo Wisdom here.

And if you want an accelerated teaching on law of attraction and how to manifest your dream life. Click Here. 

Your Experiences Matter. 

This is why Social Media has been such a big craze and I believe is hear to stay, because quite frankly everyone has a unique personal experience that they can share on social media, and on a business level profit from it as well.

The key I would say are these 3 things when you are considering making your mark in the digital age, with your unique message.

1.  Authenticity in your message.

2. Provide Value to the masses from your lessons and life experiences in your niche.

3. Bring Your Audience Into Your World.


These 3 things are at the foundation of you truly moving into the digital era, where you can share you stories and helpful tips to your niche and truly make a difference. This is just from my experience.

Hopefully you are also creating an experience that you can learn from and teach others as well along your life journey.

This is just from my experience.

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baker1 This is Just From My Experience


The beautiful life begins with a beautiful attitude. If you are struggling in this area, there is something I recently have seen that is known as the manifestation miracle course. You can use this course to enhance the overall quality of your life in any area. Money, relationships, health, etc.

What is the manifestation Miracle?

When I saw this I was blown away. You can learn the ancient secrets here. 

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Creating Lasting Change

The whole idea of having and achieving global success sounds amazing. Let’s face it, doing what you love meeting great successful people from all walks of life from different parts of the world sounds, well like a dream come true.

On top of that making an income from the internet while doing work that is positive for the world is also a dream come true.

The Question Is …

So the question is, how do you get started on this path ? Doing what you love, living a great life, living in abundance, and impacting many people?

From my own experience, combined with my experience having been around many people way more successful than I am. I have found one common theme, that me and others that achieve extraordinary levels  of global success all share.


Change of Habits.

This one common theme we share is a change of habits. From changing bad habits into good habits. You see habits and what you do consistenly is what defines and shapes your character. It shapes your outlook on life, earning potential, and the difference you can make to humanity at large. A change of habits from negative destructive habits into more positive and productive  habits

This simply means that if you aren’t where you want to be in your life at this very moment.

First of all. That is okay. Just being able to accept it fully that you are not where you want to be in life is a big step forward.

One Step at a Time

The next step is creating habits, or rituals that allow you to make not just temporary change but lasting change .

Ill give you an example. Lasting change is someone who works out consistently for 30 days. That creates a new habit in his or her biochemistry. This new habit results in lasting change and better results longterm.

So if you want to live the life you truly are destined to live; which by the way is truly remarkable. Then you want to focus on regular habits that are good habits that get you moving in the right direction of your life path.

This lasting change, as daily actionable habits lead you to a much more abundant, joyus, and positive life that makes a difference in others lives in a big way.

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Your Inner Flow

34 200x300 Your Inner Flow


Your inner flow and understanding your inner flow is what will lead to a life of beauty or a life of despair.

When one is fully in a space of feeling the flow of their very nature, one is aligned with the greatest good of their life by being 100% authentic with the natural laws of nature. These laws of nature is your truth your natural space of living happily.

The inner flow that comes from within you is what will propel your life to greater levels of enchantment. The flow of life is always within you. You are the creator of the reality you are wishing to see in the world.

Do you see a world that is in need of change? Tap into your inner flow of life and you will see indeed you too can make a positive change in the world today and for the rest of your life.



millionaire1 Your Inner Flow


For more inspiration like this. Get my bestselling book here below.

indigo123 300x300 Your Inner Flow



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Indigo Wisdom # 200

Your Inner World Creates your Outer World……
yes123 Indigo Wisdom # 200

millionaire1 Indigo Wisdom # 200

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Being A Positive Person In The World

One of the great things about a natural optomistic attitude, is that you start to manifest very positive things your way.

This is because the law of attraction. Discover the secrets that you can learn more about here.

Why Be Positive In The World ?

Well, it is because when you are positive, your life starts to truly move in the direction that is for your highest and best good. This means that your thoughts actions and passions are aligned.

One of the most amazing things you’ll also discover on being a positive person is that you start to effortlessly become a truly positive change in the world, through your contribution to humanity.

It also allows you to develop more compassion.

A Real Life Simple Example.

Let’s say someone is a cab driver and all day long they are being told what to do, and being around bad people that push them around all day long. They take a pretty big hit everyday because they are constantly having to be pressured by the people they drive around.

In this example, Would that cab driver be able to meet you at a positive level, if indeed they are a burnout and unsuccessful cab driver?

No, they can’t be positive, because they don’t like all the people that are telling them where to drop them off. So when they see you, they are threatened because you are so positive. So they react by trying to insult you just like the people they drive around insult them.

So, my point here is this. You have to understand where people are at in their life. And just allow people to be frustrated, if that’s where they are, without judgement. Everyone is learning what they need to learn at certain times.

The beauty of a positive attitude is that it allows you to see a much bigger vision for your life in a truly remarkable way that allows you to shine. It’s truly about your willingness to be true to your very nature, without compromising your integrity.

A Positive Attitude Gives you a Realistic Approach to Life.

A positive attitude allows you to have a more practical approach to life, because it means you are coming from a very good space within you that is truly remarkable and of good.

So, having a positive attitude accelerates you to a point of understanding people that may not be so positive. To learn how to be more positive, and start to truly change your life in a positive way I highly recommend this product here. 


Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM Being A Positive Person In The World


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2 Tips To Reaching Your Full Potential In Life

Are you living up to your full potential ? Are you thriving in life, just as you had imagined?

For most of the worlds population, most will say they are living up to only some of their full potential but not all of it. I would say 98% of people on the planet aren’t living to their full potential in life.

Let’s face it. It’s a lot easier to go through life not taking full responsibility for the life we intend to really create. It is a lot easier to just get by than to really thrive.

But, why is this?

I believe a lot of it is the programing in the school system. They school system programs children from an early age to go and search for a JOB after they leave school. A lot of times a traditional j.o.b  doesn’t allow you to be 100% at your fullest potential. And so the cycle of mediocrity begins.

Taken it a step deeper. What does it actually mean to be using your full potential in life?

It simply means to me, that you have the ability to do your best of with your  ability and live each moment as fully as possible.

That is using your full potential, and being your best self each moment you are alive. I do these 2 tips below and my life has continued to be nothing less than phenomenal, blessed, and truly a wonderful experience.

Below  are 2 Tips To Living Your Full Potential In Life :

2 300x3001 2 Tips To Reaching Your Full Potential In Life

1. Never Settle.

Your full potential will be opened up when you live by the mantra of never settling. When it comes to things and experiences you want to experience in life, never settle. You want to constantly reach higher in life. This allows you to truly be in a constant state of personal growth. Reach for the stars.

2. Be Present.

When you are fully present in each moment, you are living your full potential. Your best self can come out when you are more aware of your present moment in the here and now. The present moment is all that actually exist in the here and now. So you want to practice being as present as possible. Be engaged in work you love. Be your best at each moment of your existence, and you will see yourself living to your full potential.

Following these 2 tips will allow you to live your full potential. A life where you are thriving, and doing great things for yourself, and people you want to impact. These 2 tips done daily will help stop the cycle of living a mediocre life.

For more inspiration pick up copies of my book Indigo Wisdom Below : A Collection of Inspirational Quotes For Everyday Living :

5730985 2 Tips To Reaching Your Full Potential In Life


BAKER SIGNITURE15 2 Tips To Reaching Your Full Potential In Life



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How To Bring Joy on Earth 2 Tips

Bringing more joy on earth begins and ends with you.

As you begin to look into the new year, one thing you want to make sure that in this new year you are bringing more joy in your everyday life. Not, the joy that everyone thinks you should experience.

Not the joy that comes from the outside. But, the joy that comes from within. The authentic joy knowing you are living your purpose and making a positive impact on other people’s lives, and also on the world with integrity, honor, and wisdom.


good people 300x168 How To Bring Joy on Earth 2 Tips



1. Bring Joy By Being You.

You are the magnificent of joy that abounds. Through space and time who you are has brought joy to every situation. Be that joy, live in joy and simply be one with it. By you being your natural joyful self you impact and  bring about joy in the earth. As you step into this wisdom that joy is found within you, you open up  a space for even more joyful experiences to abound in your spiritual life.


2. Allow.

Allow the joy to flow through your essence. As you allow it to come in you embodying joy and this allows the earth plane to raise higher up in vibration. Allowing joy means accepting that in any moment you are already embody the essence of joy from within.  As you allow the essence of joy to wash over your spirit you step into your true nature, and power. Allowing joy to flow towards you, is what allows the earth as a whole to experience more joy. Be the joy the world needs today.


millionaire1 How To Bring Joy on Earth 2 Tips


yes1231 How To Bring Joy on Earth 2 Tips



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The Way of Peace In Your Soul

meditate 8 224x300 The Way of Peace In Your Soul

Me In Meditation



The way to peace in your soul begins and ends with you. You are the person that creates peace or disharmony in your own reality.

Take a look back at the times lets say in the past year that you felt out of balance.

Peace In Your Soul Through Balance

For me I get out of balance when I’m not writing. Having written several books that have gone on to continue to be great success. It brings me great peace and balance knowing that the work I put out there continues to make a difference in humanity in a positive, authentic, and sincere way.

I love inspiring and making a difference in others lives in a positive way by my journey, experience, and wisdom that I’ve been blessed to have granted to me by the universe.

Looking at your life what are things that take you closer to peace. What are things that take you further away?

Understanding this basic simple concept, will open up the doors for you greater than you can ever imagine. For it is in your heart that you have all the answers. Their is peace in your heart, as you start with keeping your mind clear of negativity, chaos, and things that are unnecessary. There are simple things in your daily life that bring out peace in your soul. Seek those out in your process of your  life.

Embracing  Your Process in Life

Life is a school. You come here to learn what you need to learn and the more you open up to the truth of your process the more you awaken to the beauty and peace in your heart that I speak of clearly with you hear. The process is simple. You get in life what you put out. If you have peace within you have peace with others around you.

The beauty of this is you get so many chances to make things right with yourself. The truth is that wisdom of this is within you always. There is no need to search outwards for it, it lives inside you. You are the miracle you have been waiting for.


yes4 The Way of Peace In Your Soul


BAKER SIGNITURE715 The Way of Peace In Your Soul




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The Universe Rewards You

welcome 300x300 The Universe Rewards You


millionaire1 The Universe Rewards You

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How To Be A Positive Person 3 Simple Tips You Can Apply

Screen Shot 2014 12 04 at 8.47.21 AM How To Be A Positive Person 3 Simple Tips You Can Apply


Being a positive person has it’s benefits. One of the benefits of being a positive thinker is that more positive things begin to manifest in your life as a result of the energy you exude outwards, by being more positive.

However, most people find it hard to be a positive thinker. This is not easy for many people as your way of “being” is something that is programmed and conditioned in you since you were a child.

Let’s face it complaining is easy. Seeing the problems of the world can be hard to face at times.


I suggest, take it a step at a time,  studies have shown time and again that optimism is actually  a learned habit you can develop by following some simple tips done on a regular basis. Break it down into simple steps that you can practically do on a regular basis.

Some people aren’t naturally optimistic by nature, and I do actually believe some are born naturally optimistic. However, there are 3 simple steps, that are practical in nature that you can start applying in your own life to become a more positive person.

Here are the 3 simple tips to be a positive person.

3 Simple Tips On How To Be  A Positive Person 

Step 1: Focus on everything you are grateful for.


When one is connected to the energy of gratitude on a regular basis, one has more positive energy vibrating to them. This means that the more you are grateful for what you already do have the more you get more of what you are grateful for. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Start from a space of  gratitude and end there, you’ll see a positive life emerge. Each day write down 3 things in a piece of paper or notebook, of what you were grateful for. It can be something small, or big. Just get in a habit of this for 30 days straight and see your life transform.


Step 2. Everything happens to serve me.

This idea that everything happens for a reason, and that reason is to serve you allows you to become more of an optimist  If you see things that don’t go your way, and you say “why me?” instead say, I know something good will come out of this and this will serve me. Everything that happens to you is meant to serve you in a positive way. See the lesson in each circumstance and you will see much growth in your life as a positive person. Keep this in mind when something happens that is unfavorable to you, that everything is happening for a reason, and that reason is to serve you. They usually come as life lessons.


Step 3.  Contribute to Humanity.

One of the things I know has helped me become a positive person is my willingness to serve the masses. Writing a blog, or publishing your own book, or doing something that shares your talents to the world in a positive way for humanity truly does make you more positive. To make a positive contribution to humanity at large. This has allowed me to have a number 1 top selling book in 9 languages. And a book that is truly making a positive difference in the lives of the many people worldwide that read it and practice the principles in the book. Contribute to humanity is some form, and you’ll be a more positive person in the process.

Exciting news ! My book at the number 1 spot on Amazon, and Positively Impacting Many People around the world. 

Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 8.45.14 PM How To Be A Positive Person 3 Simple Tips You Can Apply

Discover how my book The Indigo Child’s Survival Guide can help you unlock your supernatural powers. Visit here. 


Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9.20.29 PM How To Be A Positive Person 3 Simple Tips You Can Apply

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