What It’s like Having a Book in Many Languages

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What is it like having a book in many languages?

Well, to be honest it’s nice to have a book that is in 9 languages worldwide.

The teachings I share are beaming a light across the world and its a beautiful sight to be one with.

The best part is that its truly my gift to humanity for being so good to me. I remember someone saying that when God/Universe gives a lot to an individual they must give a lot in return. One of the great things about this planet is that the human species is evolving, and growing.



That’s what I feel like. I feel like God/Universe continues to give me a lot and this is my gift to humanity. Making a positive change in the world.
As you grow in your journey, know that there is no need to seek the miracle outside of yourself. For you are the miracle within.  Your beautiful journey begins and ends with you.

The change for positive good flows in every ounce of your being. How do i know this ? It is because you are here to help be of service to humanity in a positive way that makes a difference. It is your duty to change the world in a positive way. You can do this because  you are the light you want to see in the world.


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Successful people are patient. They don’t rush. If you noticed many things in life your big dreams take time to manifest. The truth is that as you flow with your true nature of who you are speaking your truth and being the best version of you possible in alignment with source you tap into resources of positivity, good, light and peace for the world. Thos that follow their big dreams are those that lead amazing lives. Why? Because life is about adventure, about stretching beyond your limits. And breaking through your old limited beliefs into a new level of [...] Continue Reading…

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Your Power Is In The Now

What is this power. Nobody knows. Yet, this power is in the now. It is present within you at all times. It doesn’t come from the past or your future.
Your power is now. Taking baby steps to your big dreams is the key. And as you take these steps to climbing, the power for you is here, and now. The route to your true big dreams starts with the first step. It starts with the baby step that is here and now.
Here and now lives your power. The power to make a difference and be of service to many [...] Continue Reading…

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Give A Lot


When you are on your path to fulfilling your big dreams in life you will recognize one common theme.
This common theme requires you to switch your mindset from what can I get? To What Can I give?
When you dream big and follow your big dreams, you giving a lot is what will be required. Go 100%. Think service first and you instantly find that going for your big dreams in life requires you to give a lot. Your time, energy, and your best. As you give so shall your receive.
So in  order to transition from not living your dream, [...] Continue Reading…

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Believe In Yourself

As you start on your journey or are in your journey of following your big dreams. The main thing you want to remember and this is the key. You want to always believe in yourself. This means very simply that you have this inner knowing that you will achieve that which you are seeking to achieve.
As you move with your big dreams, your belief in where you are headed is what will get you to where you want to be.
Why is this? 
It is because if you don’t believe in yourself, who will believe in you especially if you are [...] Continue Reading…

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Follow your Dreams


You have big dreams. It is time to follow your big dreams. Why is this?
It is because you are capable of achieving your big dreams. What are you following your big dreams or someone else’s dreams for you ?
Seek to pursue your big dreams in life. As you pursue your big dreams you too can see that you are living the life that you are truly meant to live in a big way. Live that which brings you excitement. If your big dream doesn’t excite you, it is not big enough. Imagine your life as you wish it to [...] Continue Reading…

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Emerson Quote

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Earth Without Art ?

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Positive Vibrations and Positive Life Experiences

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Create Your Future

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