2 Tips To Experiencing Joy

The experience of feeling joy in your life, is it something you have experienced? Joy is this something that is elusive and mysterious?

No. Joy comes from doing good in the world. Period. When what you do is providing something good, and you are making someone else’s life better.  Joy flows from within you when your focus is on making a difference in the world. You can create what you want to create and make a difference. The first is believing that your joy form within is what will bring about the change that is positive.

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1. Give your best.

When you give your best to humanity, you are in effect playing a role that changes things in the world. When your best is given, the best of life’s joy begins to flow naturally to you. Your best is needed to truly transform the world around you. Give your best in your life, each day and everyday.


2. Bring Joy To The World.

While you are giving your best contribution to the world. You are in turn bringing your natural joy to the world and receive it back. What you put out in your life’s work to the world, it flows into your life naturally. As you naturally come from a space of joy for others you to will know joy within.

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millionaire11 2 Tips To Experiencing Joy

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Living With Passion

228 300x300 Living With Passion


You are a remarkable person, never forget that. You see with this remarkable life you lead, you will start living from a place of passion. This place of passion may upset people, some may never understand it, but you understand it, and you accept that part of you that opens you up to living a truly passionate life.

So do you live with passion? A life filled with passion is a joyful and beautiful life.

From my observation and experience passion at the core is the fuel to a truly remarkable life that you can feel wonderful about.

Passion is what ignites your joy in life.

When one is tapped into a deeper passion, a joyful life flows through naturally. The reason for this is because a true passion comes a higher awareness. This higher awareness is your gift from the heavens.

The passion you bring to whatever it you are doing is indication that you are in flow with your natural joy. This natural joy is a beautiful experience, because to be in joy means to be fully aligned with who you are.

It’s a great space to practice yourself into on a regular basis.


How To Move With Passion in Life

After recognizing that passion and joy flow together. You will see that moving with more passion begins and ends with you. It goes back to your personal likes and your dislikes. If you are clear on what it brings you joy that is constructive for  your soul’s  betterment and productive you can always come back to that passionate fuel that ignites that joy.  Moving with passion flows naturally when you are in alignment with what brings you joy and that which brings joy to others in the process.


Passion is Authenticity

Moving with passion is when you clearly move from a space of authenticity. This authenticity comes in the form of your message to the world, or how you relate with others and how you creatively express yourself honestly. When you are fully expressing the true nature of who you are you are being authentic. This fuels even a passion that comes from a deeper wisdom within you to truly live life at the highest level for yourself as possible.  Fuel your passion for life with an authentic style of living  fully in the present moment. Authentic living is passionate living.

millionaire11 Living With Passion

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Living Your Authentic Truth : 2 Simple Tips

You can live a life of authenticity. However, what I have discovered most in society are programmed to not live and share their true nature.

There are truly an amazing energy that flows from within you when you begin to honoure your own inner authentic truth.

The level of freedom you receive when you begin to live your authentic truth and share it with the world, is astounding.

Those that you impact will say you have truly made an inspirational impact on their lives.
Live in this way and you will truly see fulfillment come from honouring and sharing your authentic truth.

Here are 2 Simple Ways To Start Living Your Authentic Truth

Screen Shot 2015 02 15 at 10.04.17 AM Living Your Authentic Truth : 2 Simple Tips

1. Speak your Truth.

Move with speaking and sharing your truth. You are blessed and bless others when you come from a place of wisdom and speak your truth. It is in speaking your truth you open your throat chakra. This means standing up for what you believe in, without having to be abrassive, but just being honest in your speech and what you believe in. Express your message to the world. You have  a unique message that you can use to share and uplift humanity. A great way to do this is through a blog.

2. Energetically Be Your Natural Self.

Your natural self comes from being the magnificent being that you are. As you step in your inner greatness, and live from this space of your natural self you will start to follow the natural flow of living your authentic truth. As you energetically move towards becoming your natural self, and share you message via blogging, video, audio, or any other platform you offer your unique message.  This space allows you to grow and others to truly see you as the bright being of light that is a blessing for many others.


Screen Shot 2015 02 23 at 10.06.57 AM Living Your Authentic Truth : 2 Simple Tips


Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM Living Your Authentic Truth : 2 Simple Tips

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3 Ways To Share Your Message On Social Media and Out To the World

Sharing your message to social media, and reach a worldwide audience. Sounds great. However, the truth is that most people don’t know how to do so. Luckily, we live in the informatoin age where sharing your truth and message to the world has become a lot easier.


Here are three ways to share your message on social media and get your message out to the world.

 3 Ways To Share Your Message On Social Media and Out To the World

1. Create a Blog.

My blog is well known now, and is read all over the world internationally. But it didn’t always start out that way. It take time and effort overtime to get to a level where your blog becomes well known around the world. You are reading this from what is called a blog. This blog is where I share my wisdom, experience, and spiritual knowledge with you the people of the beautiful world. Creating a blog is simple. Just create one and share your message and truth with the world as you feel fit.


2. Create a Video

There are simple ways to create video online. You can use Vimeo or Youtube to start recording and sharing your message. Also for short stories on your daily activites you can create a snapchat account. These  are  great medium for people who don’t like to write, but would like to speak on camera. One of the great things about video is the amount of creativity you can put in your videos as you see fit. There are many ways to do it, but main thing is just to hit record and start talking.


3. Podcast.

If you don’t like writing. Another great way to share your message with the world is through podcast. One of the good ones is called blogtalkradio.com. There are many others that are really good as well. This is where you can start a simple radio show for free and share your message with the world that way, without having to be on camera if you choose so. Podcast will just allow your voice to be heard and you can think of it as a you owning your own radio station from the comfort of your home office.


Sharing your message with the world is what is needed in today’s’ world. I want to encourage you to share the message you are born to bring in the world. You can also share your message by having your book published here.  There are many things in the world that people don’t openly discuss and any of the mediums I listed above prove to be a great way to reach an audience and speak your truth. It is time to share your message with the world.


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millionaire11 3 Ways To Share Your Message On Social Media and Out To the World

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2 Wisdom Tips To Better Awareness




There are times in life where you aren’t fully aware of what you are doing. It seems as though you go through the motions. But, the truth is that as you step into your deeper wisdom from within, you find also a deeper awareness.


Being aware of the present moment is what brings you closer to the truth. The truth that lives in you. For the truth is nothing more than you perception of the reality you are facing and experiencing in any given moment. Living with a better awareness reduces stress and negativity. As you dance with life and not dance against life you become more aware of your surroundings and the magnificent being you were created to be on this planet earth.

Here are 2 wisdom  tips to better awareness in your own life.

2 Wisdom Tips To Better Awareness. 


1. Breathing.


Watch how you are breathing when you are not in alignment. Check the flow of your natural energy by witnessing how you are breathing. Is your breathing calm, relaxed? Or is it rushed or are you not breathing at all? How you are breathing determines your natural flow. It is your chi energy flow.  It is vital energy flow. You can practice this by a few minutes a day quieting your mind with meditation.


2. Being Present.

The past is history. The future is a mystery. The present moment is a gift. That’s why they call it the present. Practice being here now. Fully present. When you are in flow with your life, notice how present you are. How this presence and being in the present moment awakens your inner awareness. As you become more awake to here and now you flow with life not against it.


BAKER SIGNITURE77 2 Wisdom Tips To Better Awareness



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Manifesting Your Best Life Today


yes123 Manifesting Your Best Life Today


Manifesting your best life. Is this something that you are currently doing?

From my personal experience and many years studying personal development, I’ve found that manifesting what you want into the physical world is actually an art form.

Like any art form… It does take practice to get the hang of how manifestation works. Everyone at different levels are manifesting. Manifesting your best life, is an extraordinary experience. It becomes a truly experience to have.

From Personal Experience

Now this is from my own personal life experience, I’ve been getting wonderful results, once I started learning how to manifest in my own business and life. It’s truly an amazing process, that I’ve been blessed to personally experience.  This came through practice of manifestation  overtime.

The truth is you are either consciously or unconsciously everything that you are experiencing and seeing your reality is a result of your choice.

For some people  that is difficult to grasp. Yet, when you take a closer and much deeper look into this. You see evidence of you actually being the creator of your reality. The beauty of learning how to manifest is you become a positive person in the world.


I wrote a chapter in my book The Indigo Child’s Survival Guide on Law of Attraction and how to manifest. You can pick up your copies here.

Most people go wrong with manifesting because even though they say they tried the techniques on how to manifest things and experiences in their life they fall short.

Where Most People Go Wrong With Manifesting What They Want

Where do most people go wrong when it comes to manifesting what they want in life ? Usually people go wrong,  based on time frames.

For example: When Someone says they intend to manifest a brand new shiny car for example, by January 3, 2015 and the car doesn’t arrive. Some get discouraged easily.

What most people working on manifestations don’t realize is that sometimes there is a time buffer sometimes with manifestation.


Because you have to be a match to what you are asking for energetically in order to receive what you are asking for.

This means that sometimes manifestations come quicker than others because you were already a good match to manifesting that thing. Work on manifesting first smaller items. Like a “banana” or cup of coffee.

And that practice of starting off with smaller items will increase your law of attraction muscle. And you can move on to bigger items. Just keep a positive light attitude towards this process. The more you can relax and just have fun with it the faster manifestations comes. Don’t be too rigid in this process. Allow this to flow naturally for you.

What is The Goal?

So the goal is to not be so hard on yourself and fall into that space of disappointment when what you have been asking Universe for doesn’t readily come in on your time. The goal is to practice manifestation, and trusting the universe. This is a transformational process.

It will come on universal timing just keep the faith, and know that it is coming in due time. It’s not so much about patience, more than it is about you lining up energetically to what it is you are intending to manifest. You are the creator of what you experience in life.

Very Simply It comes down to this statement here : Like attracts like.

Have you seen in your experience that you are attracting more of what you think about?

If so, remember when your manifestations don’t show up right away, just keep working on your energy vibration. Keeping the mindset positive, and serving others authentically.

Hint: It is a lot easier to keep a positive attitude in your life, when you have the pure intention of adding value to others lives in an authentic way that truly makes a lasting difference in others lives.

Life becomes a truly amazing process for you when you live with an attitude  of positive expectancy. Expect good things, people, and experiences to flow in your life naturally. Manifest your best life.


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How To Be Grateful 3 Tips



Gratitude is something that feels wonderful. It is that feeling that you are fully aware of what you already have at any given moment. The beauty of this is that you can consciously get in the practice of gratitude on a daily basis.


Here are 3 Tips To being more grateful in everyday life.


1. Saying Thank you.

Thank you is the ultimate form of gratitude in speech or virtually. When you say the words thank you for something someone either gives you or you say Thank you quietly to yourself you are expressing the pure joy and appreciation of having received whatever it is you just received. The words “thank you” spoken out loud, with sincerity  greatly benefits you in many ways, as you will see that our spoken words carry energy and have power.


2. Embracing what you have.

When you embrace what you have you are experiencing what you have fully and authentically in a way that speaks volumes. Take a look at what you already have and experience it. Live in that space by accepting the good that you have in your life. It can be anything. Practice being in the moment with your gratitude. Fully immerse in this wisdom and you will have much to be truly grateful for. 


3. Grateful for Life.

Practice the feeling of being grateful for life in the present moment. Being grateful for your life and where you are at in any given moment is powerful. This is a spiritual practice done daily when you are in the present moment and being aware of what you are already experiencing. This is leads to happiness. As happiness comes from the appreciation and love of life. The trees, the birds, the water, etc. Everything in life is a miracle. When looked at it that way a new world of happiness unfolds, and you have even more to be grateful for. It’s a wonderful thing.


millionaire1 How To Be Grateful 3 Tips

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yes8813 How To Be Grateful 3 Tips

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You are Your Own Hero

maya1 300x258 You are Your Own Hero


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Screen Shot 2015 05 18 at 5.49.14 AM You are Your Own Hero

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Why You Wouldn’t Want To Tiptoe Through Life

I believe that you should Do it big, or don’t do it at all in life. There is this phenomenon that you may of heard of it and it called tip toeing in life. Are you tiptoeing through life?

Tiptoeing  is something everyone does once in awhile. People that live through life tiptoeing are living lives of mediocrity.

The problem with living in mediocrity is you aren’t experiencing the grand adventures that your life has in store for you. Mediocrity is for the average people. And you are a strong, intelligent, creative person.

You want it all. You want to win big because you have a lot to give to humanity at large.

What does Tip Toeing Really Do?

Tip toeing through life means you are not taking a stand for what you truly believe in. This means you just go easily with the opinion of the massive herd. What is wrong with going with the opinion of the herd? You will get left out if you tiptoe through life.


Well, 9 times out of ten the heard are followers and live lives of quiet mediocrity. This is the issue that many people that are not fully expressing their inner authentic nature fall into the trap of.

You, don’t want to tip toe through life. You want to live life in all its wonder, joy, and excitement!

Go Within

Find that sacred empowering space within you that is filled with the wisdom and knowledge you already know to be true. Go within. As you go within yourself you see that you are a remarkable being of light, truth, and wisdom. This space is where you can boldly claim your life and come from your authentic space of truth. This authentic space allows you to grow, expand, and live the life you are truly meant to be living.

Tip toeing through life and you find that life simply becomes one that is filled with the energy of mediocrity. You want to expand beyond that space, because life truly is meant to be lived fully and expansively. How  do you not tip toe through life? By stepping into your inner power and wisdom that is within reach of every single human being. Practice being in alignment with that which is true for you.


Practice This Habit

Practicing at least 5 minutes each day where you can still our mind once every morning you will find that you can come into alignment with this empowering space. It feels really great, and the more you practice this the more that space within you expands. It’s a power space within you, that you can use when making important decisions, starting new projects, or starting new business ventures.

As you practice your authentic alignment with who you are, you move into a space of power, wisdom, and light. This space propels you forward in unison with your magnificent self that does not seek for the miracle, but simple becomes the miracle. Stop tip-toeing through life. You are the miracle you have been waiting for.

BAKER SIGNITURE717 Why You Wouldnt Want To Tiptoe Through Life

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Why You Should Be Unreasonable in Life

Being unreasonable at times,  has its upside. A life of joy begins with being unreasonable. What does this mean? I’ve made unreasonable choices in life, that have been the best choices I’ve made in my life. I am where I am today because I was unreasonable in my expectations I’ve set for myself. And I’m pretty glad I’ve made them.

If I had been reasonable, I would not have accomplished a lot of these truly amazing things in this reality that people only dream of.

Being unreasonable  means being unreasonable in your approach to life. If you do what mediocre people do, you will always live a mediocre life.

When you step out of yourself, by being unreasonable you can expand  your vision. There has to be a reason bigger than yourself that you aspire to and are inspired to move towards to benefit the greater good.

Reach for the stars 

It’s time for you to reach for the stars. Unreasonable life means stretching beyond your capabilities and reaching for the stars. There are times when you fully are aligned with the truth of your nature, this is when you are flowing in life in an extraordinary way. Reach for the stars, make a difference that helps humanity at large.

Being unreasonable means that you have the belief that you can truly make a positive impact in the world. That you are living life on your terms making a beautiful change in your life and for the planet earth.

Decide To Making a  Lasting Change For Yourself 

This is a big one. It is unreasonable to make a big change in the world in a positive way. But, if that’s  your desire. My suggestion is go back to service to humanity. Seek to serve. Serve humanity by being true to that which brings you the joy in life. Your life is a beautiful one.

Step into the space of being unreasonable in your life.  Reach for the stars and make choices that will enhance the quality of the life of all of humanity. Be unreasonable.


millionaire1 Why You Should Be Unreasonable in Life

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yes8813 Why You Should Be Unreasonable in Life

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