How To Develop Patience. 2 Simple Tips.

Patience. Is it something you have? Most will say actually they would want to be more patient. The reason for this varies from person to person. But the truth is that patience is the driving force for manifesting all the good that you want to manifest in your life. Sometimes, it’s not a rush you are after, but actually more patience.

I have dealt with impatience most my life. What success has taught me is that things do take time. And here are 2 practical  tips on how to develop more patience. Look at nature. Nature does not rush. Yet, everything is complete in divine perfection.

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Tip 1 : Becoming Present

When standing in line lets say at the DMV or someplace that takes a long time for you to get whatever you need done.

Think about being present. There is no rush, when you are focused on the present moment. Take a look at the environment around you, smell, hear, the sounds vividly. Strike up a conversation with person in line next to you. Whatever you do, remember to be fully present in the moment.


Tip 2 : Just Breathe.

Most impatience comes when you are not breathing correctly. Whenever you feel impatience settle in try this. Take 3 Very deep long breathes. Inhale with your nose. Hold your breathe for 4 seconds and then gently exhale with your mouth. Do this deep breathing a total of 3 times. And watch how quickly you get back in the present moment, and regain your patience.


With practicing these 2 tips and developing your own  patience, You allow your energy to shift from living a truly inspired life that starts from within you. Patience is the key to unlocking the door  to being fully awakened in the here and now.


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2 Tips To Living Your Life’s Purpose

Everyone has a life’s purpose. You can tell when someone is living their life’s purpose, when you see that they are content with how their life is flowing.
The main benefit of living your life’s purpose is clarity. Your world becomes a lot more clear. This simply means how you interact with your world is coming from an authentic space that is true for you. The other benefit of living your life’s purpose is your ability to contribute to humanity. When you are living your life’s purpose there is a strong connection to service to humanity. This in turn helps […] Continue Reading…

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3 Simple Tips To A Positive Life

Living a positive life. It sounds wonderful. Everyone probably would want more positivity in their life. Yet, why do most end up  living lives that are filled with negativity and pain?
Well, at an early age most people aren’t taught how to be positive. That is the problem. It seems as though the greater society does want people to live more from fear because fear is how society controls people.
Yet, a closer look at those fears that society impresses on other people actually prove to be false. It is true, most of the fears that society tries to get you […] Continue Reading…

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How To Deal With Being Incredible


“The world is divided in two classes, those who believe the incredible, and those who do the improbable.”
-Oscar Wilde

Being incredible. It is something that most people want to experience and be. Is being incredible in life hard? Yes for some it is. Why is it that most people can want to be incredible, yet some live quiet lives of bitterness and  misery ?
What is the difference between being an incredible person and not being an incredible person.
The truth is this.
Being incredible comes from within. One of the reasons, I continue to live an incredible life on many levels.  It […] Continue Reading…

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Living From Inspiration

Choosing To Live From Inspiration 
Are you choosing to live from inspiration? It is estimated most people living today lead quiet lives of misery and pain. Yet, in the midst of it all there is hope. That hope comes in the form of choosing to live not from the old story of misery and pain, but the new story of inspiration.
Living from inspiration comes from within yourself.  It’s a choice you make. Living an inspired life, is truly incredible. From an inspired way of living,  you have the ability to awaken your true gifts and talents and share it with […] Continue Reading…

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Giving Service To Humanity

As you begin to look at your life. Have you served ? I think that will be a big thing you want to consider as you move along in your journey. To be of authentic service to humanity is where you can live a life of so much financial riches, happiness, joy, and peace within yourself. This peace within yourself comes from the direct knowing that you were of service to others in a manner that was authentic real and for higher good of all.
Is being of service difficult? No. It is simple when you step into this knowing […] Continue Reading…

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Success Is What You Do For Others

As you know by now there is success in life that you can achieve. Then, there is a greater success that is beyond success. This means that you are thinking in terms of how to give service to others.
When you focus on what you can do for others. You can approach life in a more greater successful way.
Why does this work every time ?
It works because the secret to living is giving. Give more value, more service to many. Think abundantly. What you do for others is what will be given back to you manyfold. When contribution is the […] Continue Reading…

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How To Be of Greater Service To Humanity

                                                                           Spanish Fan Page For Best Selling Book Indigo Child Survival Guide.  
Being of service to humanity matters.
Being of service to the greater good of humanity brings about a sense of fulfillment  that comes knowing you are putting out good in the world. Making a positive change, is where humanity is headed. It begins with passion. Your passion for what you do and […] Continue Reading…

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Dot Com Lifestyle Featured Member

One of the great perks of having your own internet business, is the ability to work where you want, when you want,  and make money on the internet  while you sleep. It’s also great to be with a network of people that live the dot com lifestyle.
I was featured as a DCL Dot Com Lifestyle Member  a few months ago.
You can watch my Featured Dot Com Lifestyle  interview here.




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Life Is Truly Meant To Be Lived


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