You Become What You Think

beyond the secret1 You Become What You Think



You become what you think. If you think positive you get positive results. If you get negative you get negative results. Why is this? This is because we live in a world of energy. The reason I continue to live a very blessed, financially prosperous, authentic, and beautiful life is because that is what I think. Therefore, my reality catches up with my thoughts. For our thoughts carry energy. We live in an energy based universe.

You live a beautiful life, if you choose to see the beauty everywhere in your life now.

So as you begin on your journey know that you are creating it all the time with what you think. As you think so you will be. This is the universe laws at work. Therefore, what you put out you get back. It is a very natural law of the universe. So start to hunk in terms of what you want to create more of in your life and it will be done.


Live in the beauty of the here and now. Live with total expectancy that you are the miracle that you wish to see in the world.

That what you are choosing to focus on with your thoughts becomes your reality.

It is all law of attraction. You are the miracle that you are looking for.

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How To Be At Peace

Have you ever wondered why peace seems to allude you?
Truth is, peace can come to you by simply being yourself. Yes. Being true to who you are and awakening to the peace within you is going to open up the space of peace that lives within you. Align with peace. Become and embody peace.
You have more peace by simply becoming more peaceful. This is the reality that you will soon discover as you sit in meditation and allow peace to unfold in your life.  You can have peace. If you make peace with you. You and you alone will [...] Continue Reading…

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2 Tips To Having More Happiness In Your Life Today

Happiness. Do you have it?
It seems to be something that comes and goes for most people. Why is it that people say they want to be happy. But, actually do things that don’t make them happy and leave them feeling sad, worried, and frustrated with daily life?
In my journey, happiness never seems to allude me because I practice these two tips I’m going to share with you on a daily basis. This is done as a discipline. Here are the 2 tips to happiness, and having more happiness in your life they are quite simple.  Practice these 2 tips [...] Continue Reading…

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3 Simple Tips To A Joyful Life

A joyful life.
If you asked anybody;  if they wanted to a have a more joyful life, what would they answer?
Most would answer an absolute yes. A more joyful life and having joy in ones life is ideally a great space to be in energetically. However, why is it that if most want a joyful life, that joy seems to elude them? You can see people want more joy, yet they still struggle to find this joy ?
From my journey of life. What I’ve discovered is that joy is not something you try to pursue. Instead, joy is what you [...] Continue Reading…

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Play Big In Life


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Have The Courage (Steve Jobs Quote)




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4 Tips To Being a More Positive Person

Being positive. It sounds very simple. Yet, why do some people fail to mantain a positive attitude ? Well truth of the matter is, you will always find people that are negative and positive so that we can balance out the energies on the planet.
After-all, without dark there is no light. Without  yin their is no yang.
We live in a world of contrast and duality.
With that said, what you will soon discover in your journey of life, is that whatever you think and feel is what you attract in your life.
Very simply if you are choosing (and it is [...] Continue Reading…

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Trust Your Higher Calling

Trust Your Higher Calling 
Trusting your higher calling in life.
Is it something you are doing?
Many people walk in lives of complete misery in pain not trusting their life’s purpose, and not moving in their highest calling that comes deep within their soul. However, as the consciousness of this planet awakens higher. You are starting to see that human beings on the planet are starting to trust their higher calling.
This is because the need for service to humanity and all the beautiful creatures that inhabit it, are growing and expanding in higher levels.  As you begin to trust this knowing you awaken to the best parts [...] Continue Reading…

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What It’s like Having a Book in Many Languages

What is it like having a book in many languages?
Well, to be honest it’s nice to have a book that is in 9 languages worldwide.
The teachings I share are beaming a light across the world and its a beautiful sight to be one with.
The best part is that its truly my gift to humanity for being so good to me. I remember someone saying that when God/Universe gives a lot to an individual they must give a lot in return. One of the great things about this planet is that the human species is evolving, and growing.
That’s what I [...] Continue Reading…

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Successful people are patient. They don’t rush. If you noticed many things in life your big dreams take time to manifest. The truth is that as you flow with your true nature of who you are speaking your truth and being the best version of you possible in alignment with source you tap into resources of positivity, good, light and peace for the world. Thos that follow their big dreams are those that lead amazing lives. Why? Because life is about adventure, about stretching beyond your limits. And breaking through your old limited beliefs into a new level of [...] Continue Reading…

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