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Change Direction Towards Awesome

Getting to a place in your life path where you feel you are truly aligned feels awesome. It is something that a majority of people will feel once in their life and for the masters, many times over and again.

However, what if you don’t feel like you are on track?

When you are sensing that you are not getting ahead in your own life path. One thing it usually comes down to is very simply this.

That you are not fully being one with your awesomness. Now, that sounds a little silly, I get it.

But, the truth of the matter is that awesomeness is something that you can bring out of yourself from within yourself.

What does this mean? 

This means in any given moment you can decide what to focus on. This focus is what brings you back to your life path or the alignment of who you are.

You are the captain of your ship. You can set the sails to that which is a more amazing experience, simply by make the choice to do so

Redirect the energy, come back into the present moment.

So next time you are feeling off track, take a few deep breathes. And focus back on the great things that are going on in your life. This allows you to recharge and re awaken your inner awesome. For more information on how to control your energy and manifest what you want in life, grab my book The Indigo Child’s Survival Guide by click below.

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Indigo Child Book



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Leaving This Earth A More Positive Place

Can you see yourself leaving this earth a more positive place? Why is it so cool to be negative, when a positive life is so much more rewarding and enjoyable? The truth is its because of the contrast of life. Without the yin there is no yang. No darkness their is no light. It’s a dualistic world we live in.

However, in my own personal growth which has been truly amazing since the moment I started on this amazing journey of life itself, I’ve found out one thing. This one thing is this.

When you truly start to live with all the gifts that were given to you by the  greatest divine, you start to see life as truly a remarkable journey.

And on this remarkable journey you are seeing that you can indeed by the thoughts you think and actions you take — that you can leave this earth a better place, than when you first came here.

Giving is Living

One of the great joys of life is being able to truly reach others in a way that is inspiring and leaves a true lasting change. A rich person is one that is giving a lot. In our space of information overload, the richest are the ones that are giving the most value to the most people.

If you don’t have an internet prescence, that is okay.

You can do this daily by always doing small acts of kindness for people in your daily life.

Small Acts of Kindness

Many people think that you have to do something very big to make change in the world. But, everything begins with you fully recognize that within you is the ability to truly make a difference in others lives that truly helps them improve the quality of their life. Start with small acts of kindness to people around you, or people you see everyday.

Release all the stuff that is holding you back from being present in the now. And look forward making this place we call earth the most positive place you can ever imagine.


For more inspiration and wisdom just like this. Go here:


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2 Amazing Tips To Unlocking Your Inner Power

Your Inner power. What is it? To me, inner power is being centered in your internal being. That no matter what happens in your external outer world, you are true to your inner core power. It’s the inspiration that comes from within, that comes from a place of authenticity. This is truly a wonderful process to discover this inner power within yourself.

Allowing yourself to unlock this amazing inspiration and  inner power that you have actually leads to a life of internal greatness, prosperity, authentic living, great personal growth, and joy. It’s a choice.

By choosing to unlock your magnificent inner power, you become a leader of change that is good for the world. You can make an impact in your life and others in a great way by tuning into and also embracing your inner power.


However,  you may be thinking. Why is it that some people instead of unlocking their inner power, close their inner power and have difficulties with problems in their personal life that seem insurmountable ?


There can be very difficult things you may deal with at any given moment, but allowing yourself to manifest inner power from within is what keeps you level headed. Ready for any difficult  challenge that you can now overcome.


Why Do Difficulties Surface in Life ?

It is in the difficulties of life that  most of the time will come in the form of lessons that your soul needs to learn. Sometimes, difficulties come because they are guiding you to a much better direction in your life, and you have the choice to either evolve and grow from your learning situation or not. Difficulties surface because that is an area in your life that you need to look closer at, and see what needs to be done to resolve the issue.

Why Unlocking Your Inner Power is the Key To Navigating Through Difficulty?

People that have developed inner strength are usually people that have had more difficulty or challenges in their personal life. They have learned how to navigate through them. The way this is done is usually from having unlocked their inner power. You see, each person living on earth has this infinite power that is within them. Sometimes, the only time people realize they have that inner power is when they are met with the hardest times of their lives. It is through challenging and difficult times  when the inner power becomes unlocked, and strengthen.

2 Simple Tips To Unlock Your Inner Power

1. Get Centered. Deep Breathing Exercise.

As you get centered by deep breathing, you will start to sense your inner power. Energetically, you have a core in your body known as chi energy. This chi energy is in your gut area. This area needs to be centered, by deep breathing for at least 5 minutes a day. Clear your mind, and breathe in deep breathes for 5 minutes. And feel the core of your gut being filled with white light and power. It takes 30 days to practice this to be aware of this inner chi power from within. So do this deep breathing with no thoughts for at very least 5 minutes daily.  After 5 minutes of deep breathing exercise your energy will feel more centered in your body. This is your inner power.


2. Focus On The Good Stuff.

I talk a lot on my blog that, what you focus on expands. It is true, when you focus on the good in life, you see more good in your life. And vis-versa. In your daily life, be very  aware of the good and positive things that manifest in your life. Express the gratitude for each small things that manifests in your life. Regardless, if its the good weather, your health, or some kind of gift someone gives you. There is so much good in your life. Focus on the good and send the feelings of gratitude towards what you have received. It is in this daily practice of being aware of the good that is flowing in your life, regardless of how small…that opens up the inner power within you that you can start feeling on a more regular basis. Focus on the good and your inner power will gradually unlock. You can truly make an impact in humanity when you begin to awaken this inner power that comes from inside you.


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Start Accepting Your Best Life

Are you accepting your best life?

When you are one with the acceptance of your life. You are one with the acceptance of your best life. Give yourself the gift of making progress daily by accepting your best life.

What do I mean by your best life? I mean the life where you accept where you are, but also move in the direction that brings you more excitement and joy. The truth is that all you do in life will come back to your excitement and joy.

Accepting Your Best Life

The excitement you feel is the same excitement  that is constantly leading you to your best life. As you accept this reality. You start to move with spirit. You start to move in direction that you feel is truly meant for your highest good and highest good of all.

Living in a state of accepting this life that is now your best life as you move with the excitement  allows you to move in the direction of hope, inspiration, and living the life made manifested through your willingness for positive change. Accept this goodness. Accept that you are doing the best you can to live the best life you can possibly ever imagine possible.

Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you will land among the stars. -Anonymous

Simply what I mean is this:

Following your own inner excitement, mixed with faith and belief in yourself and your journey will yield to miraculous moments in your life that you feel 100% guided and you feel that your best version of yourself is transforming not only you but those that you serve. As you serve others with this inspiration you become the catalyst of the change you would like to see in the world. Your best self comes out into the forefront, and you will live our life excited to make a difference that sends positive ripples across the globe.

For more information on how you can get your message out to the world. Visit here below to get your book self published.

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The Inspiration That Comes From Within You

There is inspiration that is positive that comes from within you. In your life now if you can imagine a color. What color would your life be now. Don’t overthink this. Just think of your life now, and think of a color that it represents.

Now, after you have seen the color of your life right now in this very second, what does that color and energy represent for you personally ?

Did you get it?

Okay great. Most people living today are living lives that are profoundly inspired because the color whatever it is, is vibrating at such a wonderful, high, vibrational positive frequency that everything they touch turns to gold.

Now, are you living at that level ? If not that is okay. Just examine if that’s even what you want?

You see most people that live inspired lives are not necessarily living their by default. It’s a choice they are consciously choosing to come from.

The Number of Times

I can’t tell you the number of times I see people living inspired lives end up doing great things. I’ve had the privileged of not only living a very inspired life most of my adult years, but also being around others that have that spark of genius, light, and innovation that quickly takes their ideas, concepts, into a magnificent world of pure bliss.

Are you an innovator? Can you be that light that shines so bright that you know that the inspiration  you are flowing from is coming from within impacting the lives of others in the most positive and amazing way ever thought possible?

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baker1 The Inspiration That Comes From Within You

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Be of Service To Humanity

Sometimes you will have great things that happen in your life, and you might not feel great about it.

Why is this?

It begins with being clear on what you want. When it comes to the impact you make in the world, were you really happy about it?

You want to get clear on this.

If you are clear on what it is you want on your big vision in life, you will see a lot of times it has nothing to do with you – and everything to do with what you give to others.

Your best bet along your journey is to be of service to humanity. There are many things you can start doing to make a difference in others lives that transforms their life in a positive way.

The Next 30 Days

Look for small ways you can be of positive service to others. It can be small acts of kindness. Try this and you will see your life transform if you consciously did one act of kindness each day  for the next 30 days.

Remember,  you have an important role in the society and world you live in. The role you play in this world is special. You can go out and make a difference in acts of service towards others. You are a unique soul, and you have the ability to make positive ripple effects by the good acts of service you do for others.

Yes, it is true. What are some acts of service you can do for others when being of service to humanity?

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Whatever You Focus On Becomes Reality

Whatever you focus on becomes your reality. You have heard this several times. You have also heard that you become what you think about. While this sounds very great for some, but for others that are always thinking negative, this can be not a great  bit of wisdom to swallow.

The good news is that you can change your thoughts. You are the person responsible for thinking what you think.

Let me give you an example of what I mean.

When faced with a problem. There are always only 2 things to consider.

1. The problem.

2. The solution.

When you are solution oriented a whole new world of great life lies ahead for you. When you are problem oriented, life becomes a drag and you seem to never get out of a rut.

So what is the solution to becoming solution oriented?

It is simple.

Focus on what you want. Not on what you don’t want. Too many people focus on what they don’t want to happen, and that what they focus on ends up happening.

This is very difficult to internalize for most people because the nature of how humans tend to think is in the negative. Start thinking in the positive next time a problem in your life arises.

You do this by 3 simple steps.

Screen Shot 2015 04 01 at 11.10.57 AM Whatever You Focus On Becomes Reality

1. Acknowledging  you have the problem.

2. Thinking of the outcome you prefer.

3. Taking the next action and solving it.

Focus on what you want not what you don’t want. You will see that each time you do this, that the problem becomes less and less and you actually get what you want out of the situation. If the situation doesn’t resolve itself, take it as a learning lesson.

The Simple Reason You Become What You Think About

The reason you become what you think about is simply this; you and I live in a world of energy. Whatever you think is an energy. When you understand this at the basic level of quantum physics you will become very conscious of what you think about. The world is starting to see people use their manifestations for the greater good of humanity. Become one of them and join the fun of life’s great experience  and journey into infinite  possibilities.


Screen Shot 2015 03 22 at 5.02.10 PM Whatever You Focus On Becomes Reality

indigo child book


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2 Tips To Living A Life That is Full

A life where you live fully. Imagine that for one second. Now imagine what that would be like for you at this very moment. Imagine being 100%  fulfilled with pure positive energy that what you want is now here.

 What it would feel like for you from within ?

Most are concerned with what they don’t want to have happen in life, and they end up creating more of it.

Most personal development and spiritual gurus will tell you time and again, and you heard it in my blog that you become what you think about. This is because the law of attraction is always at work, even if you don’t know it yet. When one decides to live a full life, it feels magnificent. It is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself when you choose to start living a full life.

There are 2 tips here I share with you to start living a full life.

2 2 Tips To Living A Life That is Full

1. Carve Your Own Path.

Living a full life begins with you.  You will find that in carving your own path, the path of your choice. One that is focused with clarity; you’ll start seeing life from a whole new perspective. One that you can control based on what you want to experience. Many people will get caught in following the follower. With the advancement of social media. You want to lead you, and build an audience.

This leads to the richness and fullness of life that you desire. And you can also make an impact in others lives in a authentic powerful way that matters. Simply by sharing your talents and branding you online.   A simple example, is I build an audience through this blog and books I’ve written. This is a path I carved out and it’s manifested very nicely for me and those that have worked alongside me. This carving of your own path will enhance you living your life in full. It’s remarkable.

2. Write Out Your Ideal Day.

When you decide on carving your own path, how does that path look like? There may be certain elements, or experiences you want to have. I suggest this powerful tip.

Take out a piece of paper and a pen now. Write out in exact detail what your ideal day looks like. Clearly write out what you are doing, what do the sights and sounds feel like? Where are you ? How does the experience feel? Write your ideal out clearly in detail. Remember you can be, do, and have what you want in life. You are an unlimited being capable of internal greatness. All it takes is that you continue do good work, focus, and align in yourself to your true calling.


Living a full life means being 100% responsible for what you are creating in your life. It truly can be a magnificent journey. A full life begins with a full you.

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5730985 2 Tips To Living A Life That is Full

Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 11.39.22 AM3 2 Tips To Living A Life That is Full

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The Miracle of Life

Your life, the one you live now; is nothing less than a miracle.

The miracle of life begins and ends with you. You are a bright light in the world.

You are living in the most exciting time ever in history. The resources available to you are the most they have ever been. With new technologies, and the internet your ability to truly make a difference in this world are endless. You are a light in the world. You can make a difference and live in the miracle of life daily.

You have the opportunity to truly make changes in the world that truly benefit others in a wonderful, inspiring, authentic, and positive way. Synchronistic events, chance opportunities, and  truly rewarding life experiences start to manifest when you are living in alignment with the miracle of life.

It truly is an amazing experience to live in the miracle of life.

How Do you live in the miracle  of life ?

10 Days of Paying it Forward

What are some of the ways that you can think of now that can enhance the miracle of your life now?  You can do so by simply paying it forward. 

There are certain things you may have in mind but never took action on and in the next 10 days I want you each day to do one thing that makes a difference not only in your life but the lives of many others. It’s not so much what you get in this world, but what you give. You are truly a beacon of light and can make small ripples of change in the world by acting in ways of paying it forward to others.

10 days do each day some act of kindness as your way of paying it forward. You will find that as you pay it forward, the miracle of your life begins to unfold in a truly remarkable way that feels inspiring, empowering, and aligned with the true essence of who you are.

You can be the light and guidance for others as you continue on your path in the most inspiring and authentic way possible.

Screen Shot 2015 06 26 at 9.10.32 AM The Miracle of Life


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