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Using Positive Affirmations I How To Use Affirmations

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How To Use Affirmations

Many people want to learn how to use affirmations because everybody wants to live a happy and successful life. We struggle to achieve all that is ultimately going to make us happy. Our journey to happiness would become easy with positive affirmation, which basically is affirming positively with our subconscious. We operate through our mind. Over years we have ingrained affirmations on our subconscious which makes us react on certain situations in a certain way. Read on to find out how to use affirmations successfully.

You have to first believe in yourself and your abilities. You have to then identify your intentions and aim in life. Set a target and work towards it. It can be anything like losing weight, learning some new thing, or performing best at your work. Once it has been identified, you have to be convinced that it is achievable and you can do it.

How to Use Affirmations That WORK

Many people You can convince yourself only if you are determined. Your determination is a key to your success. You have to impress your subconscious that you can do it. For example, if you want to perform best at work, then you need to affirm that you are getting better at it each day. You have to keep telling this to your subconscious mind daily. Your mind will automatically overtime start believing in it. This is first step to develop positive thinking. Keep reading for the best way on how to use affirmations successfully.
Repetition is next step to develop positive affirmation. You have to repeat every day, everything that would be required to convince your mind with a wish to achieve. There are different ways how you can practice repetition like you can use recordings and listen to them continuously on regular basis. When you start practicing how to use affirmations your life will change.

How To Use Affirmations Use of Repetition.


Lets go into how to use affirmations by repetition. Repetition of positive thoughts needs to be a successful process. You should be happy and motivated while doing so. You should not feel or have any doubts about it because that would then lead to frustration. This is because when you start affirming positively with your mind, it is immediately opposed by all sorts of negative thoughts. You have to wash off all these negative thoughts with a positive mindset. Only then your efforts to think positive would become effective.

Once you become a positive thinker, you would start seeing the benefits. Your character would be strengthened with positive attitude. You would never be afraid of any challenges. You will find positive energy within you. I’ve learned  how to use affirmations. Now it is your turn to learn how to use affirmations.

Most of your worries would disappear and you would automatically feel happy. You would not be thinking negative about anything and therefore would always work towards solution. Creating positive daily affirmation to remove negative energy within oneself will allow you experience life transforming changes. It would make both you and your life, happier and healthier. This post has showed you how to use affirmations.

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  1. Hi Baker,

    The habit of doing daily positive affirmations have truly changed my life. It is one of the most powerful ways to change your life in how you truly want to have it.

    It is interesting that you mention that positive affirmations immediate are opposed by negative thoughts. I usually don’t have this effect in the morning when I affirm my list. However, when I do a single one during day time I experience this kind of interesting self talk. It helps me to understand where I am with that particular affirmation and assures me that it is really important that I prioritize that one.

    Thanks of sharing this post!

  2. Positive affirmations definitely work if especially if they are used in a consistent basis.

    I have experimented with many different ones. I consider saying a blessing before eating a positive affirmation as well.

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