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How To Properly Use Vision Boards To Manifest Desires

visionboard How To Properly Use Vision Boards To Manifest Desires

How To Properly Use Vision Boards To Manifest Desires

“Welcome to Planet Earth. There is nothing that you cannot be, or do, or have. You are a magnificent creator.” – Abraham/Esther Hicks


Happy 2012! I’ve had a very blessed and wonderful 2011. I really just want to thank the people who ever read one of my posts, commented, left me an email, shared my blog posts, or have told me personally how much my blogging has inspired them to start living their dreams from the inside-out. I’ve had my fair share of challenges on certain levels that really served as learning lessons to help me grow spiritually.

The wonderful thing about life is there is always something new to learn and if an individual makes the choice to simply to  enjoy the learning process of life, even if it does get hard sometimes the individual does come out to be a stronger, wiser, and more aligned with spirit human being. Which is such a wonderful experience to personally go through, and to watch and observe in others as well.

My concern is that many people still are under the wrong impression that they can’t manifest whatever they desire. The reason is because people are so conditioned by society that to get what they want in life there are a certain set of standards they have to abide by to get what they want.

Real World Example

For example when I was growing up I was conditioned to go to school and do well in school so you can get a job and you will live happily ever after. The old  idea that many people hold onto for dear life is they think that the only way to get ahead in life, they need to go to school, get good grades, and get a high paying job and then finally after all that work they can get all the things they ever wanted in life is limiting.

These are the very same people that say, “I don’t have time to create a vision board, I’m too busy at work.” They are more focused on their “work,” to actually work on creating a vision for their life that brings them excitement and joy. It’s because they get into compare mode.  The truth is the whole idea of “getting ahead in life” isn’t about how you measure up to others.

Nor is it about following old outdated systems that don’t work anymore. It’s how you feel about yourself from within. Yes, you can manifest whatever you desire but you have to act on your vision and simply know with utter conviction that you “Deserve” it all.

Although that old structure may be a structure that works for some people, that doesn’t work for people who have a different and better approach to life that works successfully.  Usually I see more of the creative types that accept the idea of creating a vision board. They are usually the people that also find vision boards very powerful for them in manifesting their desires. However, I’m convinced that anyone can properly use vision boards to manifest desires, if they literally put their mind to it.

You just have to be honest about what it is you want to manifest. The secret is that what you want deep down is not what everyone else wants. Stay true to YOUR vision.


Power of Vision Boards & The Proper Way To Create It

A great way to start of your new year, is with creating a brand new vision board to manifest YOUR desires. Vision boards are powerful tools that, when used in conjunction with The Law Of Attraction, can help you manifest your dreams. Unfortunately, most people don’t use vision boards properly, consequently, their dreams never become reality. Here are two common mistakes most people make with their vision boards:

Their vision boards are too vague

In order for the universe to understand your desires you need to be specific. For example, putting the energy out there that you’d like to have a car isn’t enough. Your vision board should include images of exactly the car you want. The make, model and year, the color, whether you want a standard transmission or automatic, 2-door or 4-door, 4-wheel drive, CD player, automatic windows – you see? Every little detail must be included in your vision board and you must focus on it daily.

If you are interested, take a look at one of my vision boards on abundancetapestry.com

Your vision  board should also contain images that represent how you will feel when your desires are manifested. Obviously, you’ll feel happy. But will you also be relieved? Or maybe you’ll also feel energized. Maybe you’re visualizing something that has to do with your health and when your desires come to pass you’ll feel healthy again. Or maybe your desires involve something that would allow you to help other people. If that’s the case then you could include images of their smiling faces in your vision board.

They’re not visualizing the right things

I continue to manifest the things on my vision board with tremendous success, because they are actually things, scenes, and images I really like.  Some people don’t like the beach. I love the beach. I want to have a nice place overlook the beach one day. I want to sit on a rock and listen to the ocean waves and mediate at the start of my day. To me just the idea of that sounds  really nice.  So I put up a picture of that scene on my vision board. The unique thing is that everyone’s vision is different.

I  live everyday a very awesome life filled with prosperity, success, and alignment with my talents because I have created vision boards of things that felt “right” for me. Sure, some of them haven’t fully manifested yet. But, I am grateful for what has, and excited for what will. That is a space that keeps me living this amazing positive lifestyle that I live today. You really just have to know what you want.

The universe answers the requests that you are putting out there, even if you don’t know it. Too many people use The Law Of Attraction the wrong way. Instead of visualizing what they want, they’re focusing on what they need. For example, maybe you’ve been focusing on money, hoping that a million dollars will find its way into your checking account so you can get caught up on your bills. That’s entirely the wrong way to look at it.

The universe is there to make sure you have everything you want. And when you have everything you desire, undoubtedly you’ll also have everything you need. So instead of focusing on money so you can pay of your overdue mortgage payments, look into the future a few months down the road and focus your intent on where you would like to be.

In 6 months, would you like to be living in a nice home? Would you like to have a car? Would you like to be twenty pounds lighter? Those are things you want – not things you need. And if you think about it, it only makes sense that if you have a nice home then something would have happened to take care of the financial concerns. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have that home.

As another example, instead of visualizing that pile of money you need to make your car payment, create a vision board with images of exactly the car you would want if you didn’t have to worry about money. Money is something you need to buy a car. But all you really need to focus on is the car.

Has to Feel Right

In order to properly use vision boards to manifest your desires, all you really need to do is visualize exactly that which will make you happy, and the universe, while delivering that happiness, will take care of any obstacles in the way. The vision board you create has to “FEEL” right for you.

If it doesn’t feel right, you will sense it. I have made several vision boards, taken them down,  and tweaked them to get the right feeling fit, that when I look at the vision board I can feel and I know that it feels inspirational to me. Don’t fall into the trap of putting up pictures on your vision board that other people think you want. It has to be pictures, images, words, scenes,  etc. that get you excited and click with you.

Bold and Courageous

Be bold, courageous, decisive, and faith filled as you create your vision board for 2012. Know that you deserve to create the life you always wanted. Honor this deserving power within you, and you will find yourself in a space that is very real  and honest. It is the space of your true authentic higher self.

Remember that the vision board doesn’t work by itself all alone. You have to take inspired action and follow your passion and set your own deadlines as to when you want to achieve what you want. What you place your focus time and energy on today, you create more of it for the future.

I suggest you create a new vision board for 2012 that inspires and empowers you when you look at it, that feels like a good fit for you. Send me the picture on my email above (Contact)  of  a picture of you and your vision board, and I might have you on a future Baker The Brand Dot Com Post!

Have a prosperous, healthy,  happy, and inspired 2012!

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