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ocean house The Light In The World

“To love beauty is to see light.”

-Victor Hugo



Being The Light In The World Today

What if I told you that the only thing that really mattered as we move forward in this energy shift on this planet, was to be a light in the world.

It did not consist of telling people what to be, do, or have. But just to be the light itself?

Would you believe me? Or would you hold these deep seeded truths and wisdom against me?

What if I told you that being a light in the world and sharing your light was the way back home, that home is not really the planet earth that you now know and understand to be “real”  and that you are only here on a temporary assignment to just shed light on the world?

I’ve had a pretty long journey on this planet thus far. Yes, there are things I would say that are easier than others and some more challenging, but it came down to one universal truth.

That the way you think about your life how you move upwards in your life is what will take you to the next level on your journey.

I can tell you that the more you work on your internal self and spread your wings and fly with your light within you, you will be the victorious spark the world needs today. You then become the beacon of light that shines so bright that nothing can harm you or get in the way of your own internal truth and greatness within.I live the best life ever. Period.  The reason is because I decided long ago to continue shining my light. It’s an amazing time.

You become the light when you oppose the darkness. The darkness is what used to be the cool thing like in the 90’s… but that isn’t cool anymore. We have arrived. The indigo’s that are already shedding the light and yes prospering as well because their truth and blissful ways of living are so attuned with the greatness of the greater whole of humanity and consciousness.

How do you become the Light in the world?

By being true to who you are. Standing up strong, bold, and courageous for what you believe in. Compassion yes, but be bold in your approach. There is a warrior inside each of you. A warrior of light.

By expressing yourself authentically and sharing your passion and talents with the world. By being the truth in the lies. The light in the darkness. To be of greater service to the greater whole of humanity in a way that encourages, loves, strengthens, and unifies one with the God – Universal source creator or all that is. You become the light when you stop resisting the inner greatness within you, from flowing out so naturally.

You become the light by aligning back to who you truly are, and realizing that you already are the light itself when you are aligned with love, truth, wisdom, and power. How awesome is that? =)


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